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What kind of phone case feels good?

First you have to define what it feels like.

Generally speaking, there are several aspects to feel:

This aspect varies from person to person and is mainly determined by materials and processes. In general, the coating is unpolished liquid silicone, frosted PC.

These two categories are more commonly used and have higher acceptance.

In other respects, acrylic and TPU, because they are often glossy, have a general feel, are very slippery and have severe sticky fingerprints.

Some people like glass, but it’s too heavy, even ultra-thin glass is heavy

Woven shells and cloth shells. These shells have a strong ability to absorb moisture and can not last long. And it feels extremely poor after absorbing moisture. Some people like the skin, but these are relatively niche.

2. Weight
The composite armor (TPU + PC) with the best anti-fall effect is heavy and feels poor.

Glass shells also increase overall weight

Weight and anti-fall effects are very contradictory. The only thing that can be balanced is the four-corner airbag TPU, but this thing, the first ugly, the second touch is not good (see the first)

3.Key feedback
The material is thin and soft, and the button feedback is better.

Domestic anti-fall shells (previously mainly pure vulcanized silica gel, and recently also many composite armors), the feedback of the keys in the past few years is extremely poor. Recently, I have learned the design of many foreign counterparts, and the key feedback has also been improved a lot.

Generally, there are several methods for the back shell to solve key feedback, one is hollowing out and the other is independent keys.



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