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Hit the color key translucent TPU mobile phone case


In the past month or two, a new mobile phone case suddenly appeared in China. I learned that it was a foreign trade explosion and then switched to domestic sales. After I started, I found that it has considerable quality.


The back panel is translucent matte, and the border color is the same as the back panel. The volume and side keys are another color.

The overall design follows minimalism and is very atmospheric. From business people to young people, it is suitable for different people, just pay attention to the color matching. The color buttons are replaceable and can be purchased and replaced.

Protective force

All-inclusive design, the back plate and frame material have a certain hardness, medium thickness, and no other anti-drop design. Protection should be of medium level. The front is higher than the screen and the back is higher than the camera to avoid daily wear and tear.

Craftsmanship and feel

This case has a certain weight. The back plate and the middle frame have an excellent matte texture, which is rare in similar domestic products. After all, this is a foreign trade model. The measured keys feel better and are crisp and favorable. The middle frame clamping line is better hidden.


The bottom opening is a long hole, not a round hole, which is easy to attract dust

The black model is not fingerprint-proof through daily use. White did not start, it should be better than black.

The back border stands out instead of the design with the camera ring protruding. Some people may feel a little clumsy

Cell Phone Card:
Name: Translucent TPU with transparent color keys
Type: Soft and Hard Shell
Material: frame TPU + back panel PC
Design features: Hit the color keys, minimalist design, replaceable keys
Lanyard hole: left
Display Apple logo: matte transparent back panel
Bottom hole: long hole
Feel: Middle and Upper
Protection: Medium
Weight: Medium
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: all



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