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Xianglong Blade Silicone Case Reviews


Before liquid silicone became popular, many silicone mobile phone cases on the market were ordinary silicone (vulcanized silicone).

Xianglong Blade is one of the old brands, and the price is not low-end. The appearance is simple and domineering, the protection is also strong, the technology is mature and stable and there are many types of stable models, which have not changed for so many years.


It is composed of a whole piece of silicone, and the overall feeling is very good. The organic labeling on the side is convenient for the warehouse management. There is no Apple LOGO on the back of the full version. For the non-patterned version on the back, it is not recommended. Anyway, it is not that bad. In addition, some merchants sell versions with other patterns, but they do n’t sell much. If you like it, you can pay attention.

Protective force

Old mold, full-edging, edge keel, four-corner airbags, these are mature designs. After long-term verification, the protection is very good

Craftsmanship and feel

Compared with other ordinary silicone shells, it is thinner overall. The four-cornered protruding airbag is indeed a drop-proof structure, but the offset airbag has a lot of hidden airbags inside. The Xianglong airbag is an old-style structure and feels worse.

The bottom hole is a round hole with higher accuracy, which is not common in silicone thick shells.


The thickness of the side keys of domestic thick shells has always been poor. Because the side keys of Xianglong are integrally molded, they have not been specially optimized, and the touch is too hard to press.

The keel at the edge, although it has the shock resistance, on the one hand makes the phone wider, if the mold is not accurate and the fit is not tight enough, it will loosen; on the one hand, some users report that the metal middle frame of the phone will be worn for a long time

Ordinary silicone will turn yellow after long-term use (the ones who do not change color are scammers), and those who care can buy dark models

Cell Phone Card:
Name: Xianglong Blade Silicone Soft Shell
Type: Soft Shell
Material: ordinary silicone
Design Features: Simple and Practical
Lanyard hole: left
Display Apple Logo: None
Bottom hole: round hole
Feel: Medium
Protective power: up
Weight: Medium
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: all



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