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Customized choice of original phone case

Suddenly I want to write an article today and have done mobile phone case wholesale for so many years. I often encounter mobile phone cases that want to make original designs.

However, I found that many people are not familiar with the process and requirements at all. As a result, many repetitive but simple questions are asked every time.

Then what I want to say next will be very helpful for children who are interested in making original designs. Please take a good look.

For most small and medium-sized customers, there are two main craftsmanship when it comes to propaganda design, one is imd and the other is painting.

So let me start with the process of painting. Color painting, everyone can understand that the picture is printed on the mobile phone shell material shell. The advantage of color painting is that it is more flexible and the starting volume is relatively low. It is suitable for friends who have just started a business and do not want to keep too much inventory. Painted words are like ours. Customers use our ready-made material shells. Our requirements are generally made from 10 models. Customers only need to provide original drawings and proofs. After confirming the samples, they can place orders. If the customer has pictures, but not Clear and unsatisfactory results, we can also provide drawing, of course, you need to pay extra. The price of painted is generally more affordable. According to different quality requirements, the price is generally 3 to 5 yuan. Of course, if there are particularly high requirements, the price may be higher. So to put it all together, the process of painting is indeed a good choice for many young children.

Next, what I want to say is the imd process. Everyone can understand that a photo is pressed on the phone case. Compared with most paintings, the difference between imd and it is that it can make high-definition pictures that cannot be painted, such as Marble, natural figures, these high-definition patterns, painted can not print such a natural texture high-definition effect, and the current imd process is also relatively stable, in terms of quality, the after-sales of this process is very small, the painting is convenient in quality Compared with imd, it is still inferior, because there are some process defects in painting. However, compared to painting, the starting volume of imd is relatively high. Generally, our customers place orders for 100 models per model. The price is also relatively high, between 5-8 yuan. Higher requirements also have higher prices.

There are many other crafts, such as water stickers, embroidery, glue, handicrafts, veneer, etc.



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