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When is the phone case TPU posing as liquid silicone?

Yesterday, my old friend’s shell turned yellow. I plan to customize a liquid silicone shell, and let me consult. I saw a few shops. It is found that the patchwork of the propaganda copy is too strong, and some appearances cannot be made according to the performance of liquid silicone. The gap between comments and pictures and product display is even greater, and some buyers have pointed out the problem of incorrect materials.

In the early days of the development of mobile phone cases, PC and vulcanized silica gel were the main products. Later, TPU materials were introduced. Many early TPUs were sold under the guise of ultra-thin silicone. So many years have passed, and now some e-commerce products still advertise like this (now changed to TPU posing as liquid silicone, and it can only be said that it is a liquid silicone rubber made by the process).

What I didn’t expect was that some businesses even used this kind of propaganda to apply custom-made liquid silicone shells, which was a bit overdone. The funny thing is that the first one returned is a TPU impersonation, and the buyer has pointed out that the material is wrong. The review is that the seller sent a real over here, that is the real liquid silicone. Looking at the two contrasts is really interesting.

In terms of cost, silicone is above TPU, and liquid silicone is more expensive. Therefore, you will know the price of the customized version of the liquid silicone shell. And the customization process of the liquid silicone shell is immature. Even if it is a real liquid silicone, if it is a custom pattern, the feel of the colored part must be sacrificed.



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