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Talk about liquid silicone phone case

Liquid silica gel was originally developed by Apple. It is relatively expensive and costs more than 300 yuan. This average person cannot accept it. Therefore, there are various third-party liquid silicone shell products on the market, with prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of yuan.


The authentic liquid silica gel must be sticky and soft. This is glutinous, soft and fragile, with high viscous friction and dust absorption. Some people like this sticky texture, and some people don’t like it. Now many products are using coatings, which feels slippery when touched. However, the coating will eventually be polished.

Liquid silica gel itself is a relatively soft material. If it is made thin, it will easily break. Therefore, many liquid silicone on the market are lined with a hard PC board. This also facilitates the case to fit to the phone as a whole.

Another advantage of liquid silica gel is that the color difference is small. Although many of the store’s maps are synthesized by computer, the effect of chromatic aberration is not large. Of course, there are individual color-changing businesses.


If it is not a real shot, the workmanship will not be visible. Third-party products, burrs, clamping lines, black spots, and rough velvet are common. Especially in low-priced products.

The mid-to-high-priced products have better control of burrs and black spots, but the clamping line and velvet are still not as good as the official ones. If you buy a shell full of glitches and black dots for tens of dollars, it is definitely said that this is a good charge for the merchant, and it is sold at the low-end and high-end. This year’s economy is not good. Such things are found in many stores.

Use matters

The real liquid silicone shell is not suitable for long-term use outdoors or in dusty areas due to its ash-absorbing property. It is more suitable for homes, offices and other environments with less dust. If you cannot accept the characteristics of ash absorption, it is not recommended to buy such products

Real liquid silicone is very weak against tearing. Be careful when removing the shell. Generally, it is removed from below. Do not use nails. Please refer to my previous article.

Thin and thick case

At a price point, many thick shells are true liquid silicone, and thin shells are not necessarily.

One of the thin recognition methods is to look at the publicity of the business. One is to see if the camera part is chamfered or elevated.

Thick shells dissipate heat generally, and thin ones are much better.


Again, unless there is activity, it is basically not recommended to buy liquid silicone under 30 yuan.

At the end of the year, many businesses are doing discounts on activities. You can enjoy this kind of shells, and the discount rate is still very large. Apple’s official shell is also very favorable in some channels.

How to buy liquid silicone shell? The first is never to be cheap. There is more to read reviews, especially retrospective. Skin-like feel and liquid silicone shell are not the same thing and cannot be used as a criterion for judgment. Tpu and liquid silicone are very different in feel and can be felt at a touch.



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