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Ultra-thin glass case for iphone


When the glass case first came out, it was really amazing. But it didn’t take long before everyone discovered the big disadvantage of glass shells-heavy. To solve this problem, an ultra-thin glass shell was born


The glass shell is basically all on the back of the pattern. If the pattern is well done, it can catch the eye, but there are also people who like solid colors or text.

In addition, the customization technology is now very mature. From the template web page to the production of one-stop, you can customize your own shell for less than thirty dollars.

Protective force

At present, the general glass shell is tempered glass, and tempered glass is also glass.

In addition, the glass substrate is generally TPU. The TPU’s middle frame is generally thin, and there is no protection.

As for the front is higher than the screen and the back is higher than the camera, it is difficult to achieve this with a thin glass shell.

Craftsmanship and feel

The craft is very mature. Because of wireless charging, many mobile phones are now double-sided glass. The ultra-thin glass shell restores this feel. The advantage is thin, because it is glass and feels good.

The holes at the bottom are all round holes, and some of them are not accurate enough to encounter the inaccurate position of the holes.


Glass material, poor anti-fingerprint.

If the process is not good, then the middle frame is protruding, and the glass is embedded in the frame. The two are excessively abrupt, and the middle frame is very cut to the touch. Of course, well-made glass shells do not have this problem.

The problem of protection has been mentioned in the previous section, and the effect of anti-scratch and anti-drop is very general. If you mind, you need to use it with a lens protector and a tempered film.

Cell Phone Card:
Name: Ultra-thin glass shell
Type: Hard Shell
Material: Tempered glass + TPU
Design Features: Rich pattern
Lanyard hole: Yes
Display Apple Logo: None
Bottom hole: round hole
Feel: Medium
Protection: Low
Weight: Medium
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: all



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