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Do I have to bring a phone case?

What’s the reason to bring a phone case?

There are at least four reasons.

First, anti-fall

Basically, many people who don’t think they can drop their cell phones have. Carefree, fell, stumbled, fell. Even if you walk carefully on the street and get hit by someone, play with your child, jump out of your pants, throw your bed and let the quilt take off, all of which will throw your phone. There are always accidents in life. The difference is that you may be careful not to fall once every few years, and you may fall several times a month.

But as long as you break it once, it will be enough for you. Maybe you will say that it is just a matter of repair. First of all, you also know that the official price is expensive, especially the price of the front and rear screens of the iPhone series. However, the third party is not necessarily the original piece, as the jargon is called a good piece. Many of Apple’s things are integrated with software and hardware. Non-original products are risky, and some functions require original accessories.

Can it be done without crashing? Yes, some people can do it. But this requires good usage habits. If you do n’t walk with your phone, your phone wo n’t be lent to others (many of them are children). You have to have pockets in your clothes, and your pockets need to be deep enough. Keep your phone on the table …

If you can’t do this, then be prepared …

Now the official price of repairing the screen is almost tens to hundreds of times that of the shell. Since it is not suitable, then I will finish it without repairing it. Well, you may have dropped your phone and continued to use it.

It’s really three years without crashing, and three years with crashing.

Second, wear-resistant

The most common materials for mobile phone cases are nothing more than metal and glass. There are many unique materials. Some are resistant to falling but have other problems. These special models are not very common. We will not discuss them.

Many metals are aluminum alloys. How fragile that thing is, I believe everyone who used it knows it. Glass is even less abrasion resistant. Many cities are very polluted now, the glass back shell is always exposed to wind and sand, and wear and tear is a matter of time.

Some people may say that my phone streaking case is not worn. Sorry, it’s impossible. There is no material that can violate the laws of physics. We can check the hardness table of the material. Even the hardest sapphire glass can only be defeated with quartz particles everywhere, not to mention Ordinary screen glass. Therefore, in the process of long-term streaking, the mobile phone is almost impossible to complete without scratches and wear.

If you have to prove anything, I can tell you the method. The flat-end mobile phone is facing the light source, and the eye is on the other side of the light source. When viewed at a large angle, the slight scratches must be visible.

But good usage habits can avoid large scratches, and a normal heart can accept small scratches. The table is not clean, the mobile phone is not pulled out, and you need to pad something when you pull it out. The pockets are kept clean and there is very little dust. When there is dust, do not wipe the case vigorously. Many scratches actually come from this.

If you can’t do this, then be prepared …

Third, beautiful

This is an era of personality, but the appearance of mobile phones has become more and more similar in recent years.

Android system against Apple, has been following the trend in the past few years, Apple’s bangs out of bangs. Now, in order to reduce or remove the bangs, the water droplets dig the pit, and the slide cover is lifted, all methods are used all over. The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing its ability …

The fingerprint under the screen is the road to a full screen, which lays the foundation. However, if you want a true 100% full screen, you need a camera under the screen. This requires close cooperation across the entire industry chain … It will take several years.

In the era of full screens, it is difficult to distinguish between mobile phones and personalization from the front. Then the back is the place to use it. The best use of this place is the phone case. Many mobile phone cases are designed with aesthetics in mind. Many with patterns are in cooperation with professional artists. In addition, there is another thing called customization. What’s more, the mobile phone case can be changed frequently (it also has a service life), which is about the same as going out to change clothes. I believe that even the rich people can’t change every day …

If you are looking for the appearance and personality of digital products, then the mobile phone case is an excellent thing …

The fourth is to maintain value

Everyone’s replacement frequency is generally one and a half to three years. Some people may change faster, and some people may take longer.

Everyone knows the value of mobile phones, especially Apple products. When changing the machine, it is also the practice of many people to give up the old blood.

Earlier, it was demonstrated that the wear and tear of the mobile phone streaking. If the appearance of your old machine is not well protected when changing the machine, as long as you have the opposite side to check and inspect the goods, you may not be able to escape from the knife.

At this time, the protective effect of the mobile phone case can be reflected.

to sum up

Well, after reading this article. Do you need a phone case? I believe everyone knows it.

This is probably the case for people who don’t need a phone case. Good usage habits, good appearance protection, or care about scratches, like the original appearance or care about personalization, willing to be attacked when changing the phone, or to protect the old model to family when changing the phone …

If this is not the case, then be prepared …



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