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Transparent jelly TPU drop-resistant border soft phone case


The transparent jelly mobile phone case, as the name suggests, is overall transparent, but some parts are colored, and the appearance looks like a jelly. This type of shell is a large type with many models.


This jelly phone case uses TPU material. The back is frosted and transparent. The logo can pass through, and the display effect is good. The overall color is fresh and lively, full of vitality.

Protective force

There are anti-collision strips on the bezel and the four corners to wrap the mobile phone, and the anti-fall effect is better. The front is higher than the screen to avoid daily wear and tear. Many jelly shells look inconspicuous, but in fact they are quite good in anti-fall.

Craftsmanship and feel

TPU is a common engineering plastic with a certain degree of flexibility. The matte can be anti-slip and anti-fingerprint, but it is not sticky and has a unique feel. The volume keys and side keys use an integrated design, and the measured keys feel more general.


Anti-collision bars increase the width of the phone, and because the phone case is transparent, it also looks wider visually. In addition, if the quality control is insufficient and the bumper strips are not tightly attached, they will loosen.

The rear camera has a limited height, so minders can use it with the lens film.

The bottom opening is a long hole, which may attract dust.

TPU material will turn yellow for long-term use (say that those who do not change color are scammers), and those who care can buy black models

Cell Phone Card:
Name: Transparent jelly TPU bumper frame soft shell
Type: Soft Shell
Material: TPU
Design Features: Fresh and lively, full of vitality
Lanyard hole: left
Display Apple logo: matte transparent back panel
Bottom hole: long hole
Feel: Medium
Protective power: up
Weight: Medium
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: young people



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