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Six materials for mobile phones case

a.Frosting process

The method of the matte process is to spray matte paint on the ordinary industrial plastic shell.

Advantages: wear-resistant, non-slip, does not leave fingerprints and has excellent texture and touch.

Disadvantages: The matte phone case looks cheaper.

b. Piano paint

The principle is the same as the piano paint, which is to apply the piano paint method to the phone case.

Advantages: naturally is beautiful, generous, with excellent texture and touch, upscale.


Disadvantages: the process is very complicated, consumes energy, the process is difficult, the low-end goods are easy to fall off, not wear-resistant, and easy to stick fingerprints.

c. mirror surface

At present, mobile phones with mirror cases on the market are very rare. Although they have many advantages, they cannot be ignored, and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Advantages: Naturally, this kind of mobile phone case is very gorgeous and very fashionable, especially popular with young people.

Disadvantages: It has the title of “fingerprint collector” and is very non-wearable.

d. Plastic spraying

Plastic spray paint, as its name suggests, is a layer of plastic paint sprayed on the phone case.

Advantages: Plastic paint is not only beautiful, texture, but also non-slip, does not stick to fingerprints, and is resistant to dirt.

Disadvantages: After long-term use, the appearance of the phone case is old due to sunlight, hand sweat, and other reasons, and it is easy to peel off the paint, affecting the overall appearance. Makes it necessary to replace the shell.

e. Metal

The metal shell is equipped with aviation aluminum material to protect the body at key parts, and other parts are replaced by plastic.

Advantages: impact resistance, distortion resistance, excellent texture and touch, slightly thicker than ordinary mobile phones, giving a thick feel.

Disadvantages: not resistant to film, unsightly after a long time of use, mobile phones with fingerprints are prone to heat.

f. carbon fiber

Carbon fiber materials are light, drop-resistant and scratch-resistant, but they are rare.

Advantages: impact resistance, wear resistance and light weight.

Cons: Poor reception.


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