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There are several ways to remove the phone case?

There are several ways to remove the phone case. This is not a paragraph, because the phone case may not be removed if it is not properly removed, or it may be broken.

You heard me right, the phone case is broken.


soft case

Most soft shells, such as transparent soft shell, TPU soft shell. They are very easy to dismantle, there is no skill


Hard case

This mainly means that the back is very hard. This kind of shell is usually a glass shell, a composite armor shell (the back is a whole piece of plastic, good anti-fall performance, the most typical is the UAG Explorer series). This shell is not easy to remove if it is directly removed from the edge

The correct method is to gently open the middle frame of the upper part of the case with one hand, and then push the fingers of the other hand out from the camera position, so that it can be removed without damaging the case, especially the glass case. It ’s tight. There is only one kind of disassembly method, and other disassembly methods may be broken.


Liquid silicone shell with built-in lining

If you look closely, you will find that for liquid silicone, the full-package and half-package liners are the same. I have to say that this process is smart and saves costs.

However, the method of removing the liquid silicone shell is very skillful. 99.9% of the merchants will not tell you the correct method of removing the shell, and most users of liquid silica gel should not know this technique. Many liquid silicone shells are so broken.

The correct method is to use one hand to press the middle frame of the hard lining next to the volume hole on the bottom of the phone, and then gently push the back cover of the case with the other hand. Simple and will never damage the liquid silicone shell

Do not use nails Do not use nails Do not use nails

Do not remove from the top Do not remove from the top Do not remove from the top

(Recently a kind of ultra-thin liquid silicone transparent shell with a built-in lining plate has become popular on the market. This kind of shell should not be disassembled, and it is easy to break any way)

At last

Try not to remove the case often. Some cases will loosen if you remove it more often, and it will often increase the risk of dust. If you remove the unclean dust into the case, your phone will wear out.


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