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What are the better brands of the iPhone case?

I’m using 6 now, and I’m going to switch to X. For the phone case, I recommend this:

1. Must buy: urban armor gear (uag) and magpul. Both can fulfill the responsibility of daily protection, and the power / volume button feels good. In fact, the button feels magpul better. However, starting from 6 plus / 7/7 plus, magpul only provides the field case, not the best bump case, which is equivalent to castrating the highest-end series by itself. But field cases can still go hand in hand with uag. No matter what mobile phone I use in the future, I will definitely buy these two brands of shells.

2. There is a higher demand for protection: Otterbox defender, the disadvantages are heavy and buttons are not easy to use.

3. I hope it is thin and light: evutec is a good choice, lighter and smaller than the above models, and feels delicate. I claimed that the back was made of tall Kevlar, but there were some burrs on the side. I cut it with a Swiss army knife.



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