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What material of the phone case is more resistant to falling?

What material is more resistant to falling? I have neglected a structural problem here, because the material is resistant to falling, but if the structure is not reasonable, the mobile phone will not be harmed. In addition, the combination of two different materials in the mobile phone case is actually better than one material. The structure is more resistant to falling, which is the use of tpu or silicone soft material internally, and the use of pc plastic and metal materials for outsourcing. This structure is the most resistant to falling, but its production cost is very high, and the process production requirements are high. An ideal sales price cannot be recognized by the mass consumers, which is why many well-structured mobile phone cases have not been seen by everyone. Too far, what material is resistant to falling? This is definitely a silicone or tpu with sufficient thickness, but the silicone feels sticky when the touch layer is dropped, the tpu is transparent and yellow, and the black is ugly. How would you choose? If you are simply protecting against falling, then this structure is basically enough.


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