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Monochrome all-inclusive liquid silicone mobile phone case


The liquid silicone mobile phone case has a stable market share and has a large number of loyal users. From tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, the price varies greatly. The parity liquid silicone we are discussing here has a retail price of more than 30 yuan and less than 50 yuan.

Retail liquid silicone shells below 30 yuan, the quality control is poor, the material is questionable, generally not recommended to buy. Special reminder, liquid silicone has a large difference in feel according to different formulas and processes, but generally there is no TPU imitation with very poor feel at this price.


Use pure color liquid silica gel, the color is more pure, no color difference. Integrated volume and side keys.

The overall design is simple and crisp. Because there is no authorization, the Apple Logo is not used, and the entire back is not decorated, which is slightly rigid.

Protective force

Liquid silicone has elasticity, tight packing, good anti-slip effect, and certain impact resistance.

Built-in engineering plastic lining board in the whole hem to improve the overall strength. The velvet design on the inside has a certain protective effect on the surface of the mobile phone. There are also linings at the four corners to spread the force. Protection should be of medium level.

The front is higher than the screen and the back is higher than the camera to avoid daily wear and tear.

Craftsmanship and feel

Liquid silicone has an excellent skin-like feel, which many people like very much. The bottom hole is a round hole with high accuracy. The side clamping line is hidden. The measured keys feel medium.


Liquid silica gel is inherently sticky, but depending on the formulation process, some models are not very sticky (however, non-stick silica must not be liquid silicone).

Built-in liner, and the liner is covered by the middle frame, but the low-side and mute keys are not covered, which is easy to break here. Liquid silicone has poor tear resistance, so it is difficult to disassemble. The disassembly method is not easy to be damaged. You must know the correct method before disassembly. It is not recommended to disassemble often.

The rear camera cushion is not very large, and those who care can be used with the lens film.

Because the liquid silicone has low tear resistance, there is no lanyard hole. It is not recommended to open the hole by yourself, or lanyard at the bottom and other locations.

Cell Phone Card:

Name: Monochrome all-inclusive liquid silicone mobile phone case
Type: Soft and Hard Shell
Material: Liquid silicone + built-in plastic liner
Design features: concise and bright, non-slip, skin-like feel
Lanyard hole: None
Display Apple Logo: No Logo
Bottom hole: round hole
Feel: up
Protection: Medium
Weight: Medium
Wireless charging: compatible
Applicable people: all



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