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Ghost in the House 1988 Film Review:Conflict between old and new society women

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Film Name:吉屋藏嬌 / Ghost in the House

《Ghost in the House》 is a film that blends old and new ideas, men’s and women’s rights, as well as elements of Hong Kong and Mainland China, and it explores these themes in a light-hearted and entertaining way. In the film, the clash of old and new women’s perspectives triggers in-depth thinking about women’s roles and women’s values.

The film reflects the differences, strengths and weaknesses of women in the old and new societies through the characterisation of the female protagonist. The heroine is an independent and self-reliant modern woman, but at the same time, she also shows the disadvantage of being too competitive. She looks down on the women of the old society, believing that they are only dependent on men and at the same time are unable to handle household chores and take care of themselves. The film also shows the point of view of the male characters, who have different attitudes and expectations towards the old and new women.

The performance of the actors in the film was also well received by the audience. Lee Chi was particularly praised for her charismatic and touching role in the film. The film’s plot is tight and interesting, the acting is online, and overall the film is a joyful viewing experience for the audience.

Overall, 《Ghost in the House》 is a worthwhile film that not only provides entertainment, but also provokes deep thoughts about gender roles in society.

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