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Black Mask 1996 Film Review:Clean action film

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Film Name:黑侠 / Black Mask

《Black Mask》 is a 1990s police thriller produced by Xiang Huaqiang and directed by Lee Yan Kong, starring Jet Li, Lau Ching Wan and Karen Mok, and one of the main features of the film is its strong sense of heroism. In terms of filming techniques, although the filming skills and special effects technology are a little rough, but still has the most original Hong Kong flavour, and for the police film, Black Mask is even more than the traditional sense of the police film, so it can be considered a new attempt.

And then put aside the technology to see the story, is a very traditional storyline, Jet Li starring Xu Xi is a secret organisation 701 troops instructor, the organisation’s members are the top of a special transformation, able to exceed the human body’s limit of eighty percent of the potential, and able to cut off the body’s sense of pain. Later, because of a mission, the upper part of the organisation’s members carried out a clearance plan, the instructor risked his life to save a part of the force members, he also escaped death after disguising himself as an ordinary person to lead an ordinary life in Hong Kong, thinking of becoming an ordinary person Xu Xi but happened to help his only good friend, Inspector Shek, to solve the case by the original members of the force recognized, had to be “re in the jianghu” to break the big boss broken ring Hong Kong shenanigans.

After watching this story, the protagonist gave me the biggest education is “the world does not advocate violence to change, but have to use their fists to advocate peace.”

So the theme of this film is not prominent, is not important, it is important to let the audience feast their eyes, and there are Jet Li, Liu Qingyun, the two big names to help, can only be said to be a moderate commercial film, like it or not to see individuals, happy on the end.

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