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2023 October best movie in China cinemas

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01 A Haunting in Venice

A Haunting in Venice’s Synopsis:

Based on Agatha Christie’s novel 《Poirot: Hallowe’en Party》, the film takes place in post-World War II Venice, where one spooky Hallowe’en Eve, the renowned and otherwise retired detective Hercule Poirot, who is set to live a quiet and self-contained life in the world’s most glamorous city of Venice, is reluctantly invited to a party at a dilapidated and eerie palazzo. When one of the guests is murdered, Poirot is drawn into a sinister world of shadows and secrets.

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02 Saw 10

Saw 10’s Synopsis:


John Kramer’s cancer was diagnosed as terminal and his days were numbered. At the time when he was extremely low mood, once the cancer support society of the partner revealed to him a news, a Cecilia Pedersen research a new type of therapy, and the cure rate is very high, many patients bought into the ghost from the door from the new life. The desire to extend the life of John took the initiative to contact Cecilia, learned that the other side in order to avoid the pursuit of large pharmaceutical companies have fled to Mexico. Under the careful guidance of the other side, John turned to the neighbouring country, received this miraculous surgery. However, he soon discovers that the so-called new treatment is actually a scam, and that all the people around him are part of the scam.

Enraged, John finds Amanda and the police detective and unleashes a bloody punishment on Cecilia’s gang. ……

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03 The Better Life

The Better Life’s Synopsis:

A rear-end car accident, so that the original unrelated and different status of the people linked together. Wang Youcai, the poor driver who was rear-ended, also drove a big Ben’s rich second-generation Li Zhiyuan to quarrel in the street, and the latter suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground when quarrelling. It turns out that Li suffers from congenital heart disease, and he is sent to the hospital by Wang in a critical moment. Wang’s life is hard to make ends meet, compounded by the fact that he suffers from uremia. The car accident gave both of them a chance to turn their lives around. Li approached Lao Wang, hoping to offer 5 million to make him agree to an organ transplant, and Lao Wang, who had long been suffering from the pain of the disease, readily agreed to this. In order to make arrangements for his wife’s future, he begins to look for a future husband for her.

In the process of getting along with each other, Lao Wang and Xiao Li, a pair of hard-to-reach people, enhance their understanding of each other. ……

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04 Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom’s Synopsis:

Based on incredible true events, after rescuing a young boy from a brutal child trafficking crime, federal agent Tim Ballard learns that the boy’s sister has also been abducted and decides to risk his life to go to the rescue, but the government is unable to send troops to the rescue in another country’s territory. With time running out, Tim quits his job and heads deep into the Colombian jungle to risk his own life, vowing to save the girl from a fate worse than death.

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05 The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer 3’s Synopsis:

Retired secret agent and private investigator Robert McCall writes the final chapter in his quest for revenge with a big kill. Having given up a life as an assassin for the government and having been trying to reconcile the horrible things he did in the past, he finds a strange solace in his heart when it comes to delivering justice on behalf of the downtrodden. In southern Italy, Robert discovers that his new friend is under the control of a crime boss, and as events become deadly, Robert knows he must take on the mafia to keep his friend safe.

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06 The Breaking Ice

The Breaking Ice’s Synopsis:

Yanji is a small town on the northern border of China, and Haofeng, who has come from Shanghai to attend a wedding, feels a little lost. By chance, he meets Nana, a young tour guide who fascinates him. She introduces him to a chef friend, Han Xiao, and the three of them soon strike up a friendship over one of his meals. This warm encounter brings them face to face with their pasts and secrets, and their dormant desires slowly unravel, just like the landscape and snowy forests of Changbai Mountain.

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07 V/H/S/85

V/H/S/85’s Synopsis:

Five chilling stories surface in a TV documentary:Scientists observe an unusual boy staring at the TV, children embark on a lake paddling adventure, a TV crew struggles to survive a natural disaster, early VR awakens something horrific, and a fatal dream is captured on videotape. The evil secrets of the 1980s come to life in a way you’ve never seen before.

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08 Papa

Papa’s Synopsis:

In order to give his son, Lei Mi, a higher start in life, Lei Dali, led by single mother Liu Zhenzhen, is forced to get involved in the fierce competition for the promotion of children to primary school. Under the influence of Brother Fire and Sister Fire, Lei Xiaomi is forced to spend all his money to buy a house in the school district, which makes the life of father and son unbearable. The appearance of Lei Xiaomi’s sister-in-law makes Lei Dali realise that the essence of “spelling children” is “spelling parents”…… In the face of the cruel reality, how should the plight of father and son break through? What kind of life choices will several families make?

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09 The Woman in the Storm

The Woman in the Storm’s Synopsis:

Xu Min, who seems to have a successful career and two children, has a secret that is hard to tell: she has been subjected to long-term domestic violence by her husband, Chen Jun. Xu Min is not a victim of everyone’s imagination, she is resolute and brave and has her own career, in the process of trying to divorce with the lawyer Li Xiaomeng difficult struggle, in the face of careful not to leave evidence of her husband, surrounded by cold words mocking questioning the social system of inaction, in order to the two children …… when the divorce is not the end of the domestic violence, when the home is not a shelter but the storm itself, can she break through the storm? Not a shelter but the storm itself, can she actually break through the storm?

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