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All About Ah Long 1989 Film Review:The fate of a sad little man

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Film Name:阿郎的故事 / 又見阿郎 / All About Ah Long

If 《A Better Tomorrow》 tells the story of a tragic hero, 《All About Ah Long》 tells the fate of a tragic little man.

Heroes are tall and perfect, while little people are small and ordinary; heroes are admired and revered, while little people are ignored and forgotten; heroes are always rare and few, or even only exist in human ideals, while little people can be found everywhere; more than ninety per cent of the world’s population are ordinary little people – including ourselves and those around us. More than ninety per cent of the people in this world are ordinary little people – including ourselves and the vast majority of the people around us.

Precisely because the majority of people are little people, the sadness, joy, sweetness and bitterness of the little people, their smiles and tears, their emotions and hopes, often make people feel more real and intimate, and their destinies are more able to touch the hearts of the audience.

Ah Lang in the film comes from a grassroots background and is not perfect, even has many shortcomings – not rich enough, not elegant enough, and has been in jail, but Chow Yun Fat gives him an indescribable charm. Underneath the rough exterior, he has a sincere and passionate heart; he has deep and delicate feelings for his son, and a passionate but restrained love for his girlfriend. He once made a mistake, but he regretted it and changed completely. His world is not big, only the people he loves and the people who love him, to be precise, his wife and son, he doesn’t have too much ambition and ambition, he only hopes to live happily with his girlfriend and son and have a happy family. In the helpless and cruel and real life, the youthful dream will gradually fade with the years, only the true love for relatives and loved ones are will never change and is worth defending with one’s life.

Chow Yun-Fat has a magical power, he can always make the audience’s emotion overcome the reason, and let the emotion on his side. I believe that everyone’s heartstrings were pulled by Ah Lang’s sadness and joy when they watched 《A Better Tomorrow》. People sincerely hoped that Bobo could stay and that Ah Lang could be happy.

Arang cut off the strands of long hair, put on a racer’s clothes, stride towards the race track, he wants to prove himself, with the struggle for his wife and children to win a future, his figure at this time appears tall and tough, our blood surging, seems to see the birth of a new hero. Bobo also came back, through the contradictions and struggles, she finally decided to return to the side of A Lang.

It seems that a happy ending is just around the corner, but reality is so cruel that it often gives people hope followed by endless despair. Injured Lang with a strong will to continue to drive the motorbike speeding towards the finish line, in Johnnie To’s slow-motion, Lang through the blood-drenched helmet to see his wife and children cheering for him outside the field, this image is heartbreaking, and finally, out of control of the motorbike fell dramatically to the side of the road, in the flames, full of blood on the face of the Lang with the unparalleled attachment to their loved ones and left the earth.

At this moment, the chopped liver is not only BoBo and BoBoZai, but also the thousands of viewers watching the film, people’s hearts were torn, stung, tears like springs of water gushing out uncontrollably, accompanied by LuoDaYou’s urgent “the way you look”, people’s sadness and pain can’t be dispersed for a long time. …… Perhaps the power of the tragedy to be far more than comedy, the So many films that made us laugh we eventually forget, while those that made us cry will never be forgotten.

Of course, the performance of Zhang Aijia, who plays opposite to Chow Yun-Fat in the film, is also very artistic and infectious. She is a recognised talent and beauty in Hong Kong’s acting circle, and she portrays the character of Bo Bo with flesh and blood, which is touching and deep, only that Zhang Aijia’s radiance has been covered up a lot in front of Chow Yun-Fat’s overly glamorous and compelling image, but this does not affect her success in the film. In addition, the young actor Huang Kunxuan, who plays Lang’s son in the film, is also a highlight. His performance is genuine and natural, with great tension, and he and Chow Yun-Fat interpret the father-son relationship with great sincerity.

More than twenty years later, 《A Better Tomorrow》 is still a classic that people often review, and in the cool, husky voice of Luo Dayou, we are once again in tears. ……

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