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All’s Well, Ends Well 1992 Film Review:An undefeated classic

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Film Name:家有囍事 / All’s Well, Ends Well / Family Happiness

There have been many versions of 《All’s Well, Ends Well》, and because of the unprecedented success of the 92 version, the 97 version was born, and then, because of the many hang-ups (nostalgia?), the 2009 version was made. Later, because of the nostalgia of many people, the 2009 version was also made. But the effect can be imagined, one is not as good as a proof: the classic is a classic, can be imitated, can be nostalgic, can be copied and remade, but can be sure, because it is a classic, not likely to be surpassed by the later.

The cast is large, and everyone is good. A big pot of seemingly messy comedy, but this drama can be said to be divided into three lines of development but very distinct. It can be said that the whole drama this are three emotional lines, advancing the direction of the plot.

1. brother and hairy, is a man woman woman and grease woman type a relationship line; meet the beam, often quarrel with each other, go to each other do not see eye to eye fighting enemy paragraph. The performance of the two in the play can be described as self-destructive image, let fly, simply let a person laugh at the same time, but for no apparent reason, remembering that this pair of old lovers finally came to a happy ending, but can only be realised in the script, for no apparent reason, adding a touch of melancholy;

2. weird Star and make a show of Man Yu, the playboy and Hollywood’s crazy fans of a love line; this line goes more deformed, Star’s funny aside, Man Yu play exaggerated and alternative Hollywood fans, but Man Yu is not a vase, this role and how can be difficult to get this award to get soft Man God?

3. Wu Junru, Wong Pak Ming, Chan Suk Lan. She is a naive woman who fights off a money-grubbing mistress and snatches her husband, who has returned to his old ways and is a prodigal son. It’s similar to the kind of family ethics like “The Temptation of Going Home”. Although it is an old drama, but I think it is the most joyful and colourful line; the first spouse’s appearance of the main room of the fluffy face, when bullied by the husband’s helpless stoicism, strayed outside to become a karaoke girl. Obviously is a tragic plot, but looking at the performance of Wu Junru really laugh burst belly; and then the vixen Lanzi eyebrows and through a kind of cunning essence of inspiration, aggressive look really beautiful, but born with a kind of inexplicable sense of joy;

Supporting role is home to act suffering from Alzheimer’s two old, remember the Qin sister and Guan master two of the often watch TV, because of electrical malfunctions pull Lanzi scolded her black heartedly do not let them watch TV for the first time to see when they are laughing at the pump. Thus, a hilarious drama began.

I heard that these three lines, are these three groups of actors each group of each other privately big PK to see who can be funny a little bit, Man Yu and Master Star are looking for funny points; Mao Mao and brother also spared no effort. There is no shortage of creative and funny performances by the stars themselves, and they use whatever they find funny in that bridge, and whatever they find funny in that line of dialogue. Do not rule out the phenomenon of the existing temporary flypaper a light of day, whether or not to catch the play, it depends on the competence of the opponents.

The first time I watched the show was about ten years old, for some obscure bad lines inside, the plot, or ignorant, only think around the adults watching very happy, that hip-hop battle is very in line with the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve film.

Later, every New Year’s Eve, this film will more or less appear in the New Year’s Eve slot. Because always around, has been ignored time actually passes so fast, from the plot of the ignorant to familiar with the heart, short oil, just remembered, twenty years is about to be so past.

It is said that time is a pig-killing knife. When the little girl into a big old Qi Tian big left, when the small star into a big superstar, when the youth and beauty began to be no match for the erosion of the years, when the big red and purple now also faded out one after another, passed away; 20 years just like this passed, although it is said that the cycle, all things are renewed, but now look back, that bloomed the essence of such a strong cast, but has been a can not be repeated.

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