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On The Run 1988 Film Review:Violent Aesthetic Literary Film

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Film Name:亡命鴛鴦 / On The Run

Review 1:

Surprisingly good. I didn’t expect director Zhang, who is known for his comedy, to have made this somewhat cult film. It’s not the usual police procedural formula, with the killer and the victim’s husband, the police, teaming up to deal with a group of black cops, which is a bit interesting. What’s even more impressive is that the bloody scenes, such as the chopping off of hands and headshots, are handled cleanly and without mercy. Qin Xianglin, who is good at playing the good guy, accidentally plays the bad cop, and Xia Wenxi, a cold beauty, plays the sentimental killer, and Xia plays it better. Yuen Biao is steady as ever, and a few of the action scenes are scary to watch. The end of the film is surprising and self-censored with a subtitle sequence, quite like the Hong Kong films of the past few years.


Review 2:

The opening shot of the female lead’s bare back with her humming of “Reading Boy” immediately had me fooled.

The lighting and composition of this film are really advanced, and the subplot is worth studying. Especially in the sequence involving the hero and heroine alone, the heroine changed into a black dress that I simply skewered to Renoir, the colour scheme is too good, the heroine stood in the grass looking at a sense of eroticism full of forced. The male lead Yuan Biao’s skin is not good, close-up very eat lighting, a little careless will look like he has a dirty feeling, but the whole film to shoot him very sexy, very soft (although every time he hit and kicked people I feel that he is going to beat each other to death, after all, watched him grow up in the action scenes). The heroine and hero in the last scene, the doorway peeping that scene is so classic, mysterious and full of beauty, this film should be the pinnacle of aesthetics in all of Yuan Biao’s films.

Everyone’s acting is great, especially Yuan Biao, who captures the moment when he learns of his wife’s death and the death of his daughter’s expression particularly well. Of course, for best acting, I’ll go with the little girl.

The plot of this film is dark, the gunfights and chopping up of hands are quite cult, and the hilarious confessions of a couple of cops before the ending fight seem ridiculous, but combined with the context of the time period it’s worth savouring. So this is actually a violent aesthetic literary film.

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