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City Under Siege 2010 Film Review:the whole city grieves

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Film Name:全城戒備 / City Under Siege

《City Under Siege》 was a controversial film with polarised reactions from audiences and critics. Here is a detailed review of the film:

Production techniques:

The film has obvious technical flaws, such as poor special effects and lack of creativity in character modelling and set design.

Although director Chan Moo-sung  has directed excellent action films, the technical deficiencies in this film resulted in a confusing storytelling and distorted visual effects.


The main story line is vague, and the lack of logic in character relationships and plot development makes it difficult for the audience to be engaged.

The film tries to incorporate a variety of elements (e.g. sci-fi, action, romance), but the final presentation is a jumbled mess that makes it difficult to engage the audience.

Actor Performance:

Lead actor Aaron Kwok’s acting was criticised for being over-the-top in this film, which did not fit the character’s setting.

The performances of the other actors also failed to add to the film and may have exacerbated the audience’s disappointment.

Audience feedback:

The majority of the audience had a negative opinion of the film, saying that it lacked creativity and appeal.

Although a few viewers may have been hopeful about the film because of their expectations of director Moses Chan, the final feedback was generally poor.

In summary, 《City Under Siege》 suffers from significant deficiencies in production techniques, storyline, and actor performance, leading to generally negative reviews from both audiences and critics. Despite the film’s attempts to innovate and incorporate a variety of elements, it ultimately fails to succeed, instead making the overall effect seem haphazard.

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