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Tiger Cage 1988 Film Review: the singer saves the day

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Film Name:特警屠龍 / Tiger Cage / Sure Fire

This is one of the more classic old Hong Kong films, the main conflict is between the police and the triads, but where an undercover agent exists, it can claim to be the forerunner of the Apostles genre. The film has the same plot framework as Five Tiger Generals’ Decision, and the combination of Leung Ka Yan, Ng Man Tat, Jacky Cheung, Donnie Yen, and Cheng Yu Ling isn’t bad. If Donnie Yen wasn’t so young in those years, he wouldn’t have to lead a box office after an action fight, and then rely on the God of Songs to juggle the action and hold up the scene.

However, the God of Song’s performance is really good, especially when he is emotionally excited or when his expression is exaggerated. After checking, Jacky Cheung has won the Golden Statue and Golden Horse supporting actor, but not a single best actor award. Nowadays, he is also a family man, and his acting is less, so he can only look back on his old films more often. There is no lack of action scenes in the film, which is a piece of cake for director Yuen Woo-ping. Huo Yuanjia, Ip Man, The Grandmaster, Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Grandmaster of Tai Chi, The Matrix, Wong Fei-hung, and so on, he has participated in a lot of masterpieces as a director or an action stunt director, which is more of a trial run for the SWAT team compared to the other ones.

In the opening scene, Yam Tat-wah leads a group of people to end a drug manufacturing den, but unfortunately, the leader Zhuge Xiong cunningly escaped, and then he came back to seek revenge and shot to death the soon-to-be-married Leung Ka Yan. The whole team searches all over the city, the action is too radical, just when the capture of Zhuge Xiong, the other side of the Uncle Tat and drug dealers involved in the back door on the grounds of wanting to go through the back door, but unfortunately, Uncle Tat secretly bad, by the hand of Yam Tat-wah to get rid of the hidden danger. To Ren Dahua decisive style of action to silence, in fact, has been for the back of the identity of the black police to do the pad, otherwise would never be subordinates involved in the triads do not care.

Coincidentally, Jacky Cheung overheard their dialogue and started to investigate Uncle Tat privately, and really photographed the evidence. Even more coincidentally, Donnie Yen also saw the evidence, impulsive character, he single-handedly tried to eliminate the transnational drug traffickers in one go, as a result, in kung fu although he won, but in the scheme he is still far from it. Yam Tat-wah took advantage of his weakness and shot him in the head, and Donnie Yen died in peace. Difficult brother Jacky Cheung was also falsely accused of drug trafficking, his girlfriend Brigitte Wen was thrown off the building by the drug dealers and fell to her death, and Cheng Yu Ling, who knew the truth, was almost killed by the assassin.

Yam Tat-wah should never have tried to kill Ng Man-tat, who was fleeing for his life, and was bitten by the dog. Although Uncle Tat was still killed, Yam Tat-wah’s identity as a triad police officer was completely exposed, and the drugs were also transferred by Jacky Cheung. With Jacky Cheung and Zheng Yu Ling’s bravery and tacit understanding, the black police and drug dealers were all killed, a good team of people, but this is such an end, the black police is a real scourge ah. Thinking back to the Acts of the Apostles series now, the black police are also more abhorrent than the drug dealers.

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