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Papa 2023 Film Review: Thinking about it doesn’t necessarily mean admitting defeat

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Film Name: 学爸 / 你好,学爸 / Papa

The film 《Papa》 is a reality-based work that profoundly depicts the anxiety of education and the problem of school districts in contemporary society. Through the perspective of Lei Dali, a single father played by Huang Bo, the film shows the challenges and dilemmas he faces in seeking better educational opportunities for his child Lei Mi.

The film’s realism is due to the director’s practical observation and research, which not only includes the emotional interactions between Lei Dali’s father and son, but also touches on real-life issues such as the purchase of a school room and the struggle to promote children to primary school. The film tackles these serious topics with humour and warmth, and through the use of the Sichuan and Chongqing dialects  and a variety of laughs, it makes for both tear-jerking and laugh-out-loud moments, providing the audience with room for deeper reflection.

《Papa》 not only explores the true meaning of family education, but also provokes the audience to reflect on the education system and social pressures. Through this film, the audience is able to feel the pressures and challenges behind education, and at the same time is also able to be touched by the father-son emotions shown in the film.


At the end of the film, Xiaomi enters the school at his doorstep, and teachers from top schools come here to rotate …… Although this ending seems a bit too idealistic, in an era when everyone is desperately trying to “roll”, Lei vigorously chose not to be a “chicken” but a “chicken”. The “chicken” does not “roll”, that is, admit the reality. In who can not predict and control the future, perhaps the current “think open”, is the most pragmatic answer to this problem, think open is not necessarily admit defeat, may not be able to force success, do everything possible to listen to God’s fate is not bad. The film “Papa” uses a unique ending to give Lei Dali and Lei Xiaomi a solution, and also as an example to give a solution to this kind of problem.

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