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The Woman in the Storm 2023 Film Review: Films against domestic violence

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Film Name: 我经过风暴 / 离开你 / The Woman in the Storm

《The Woman in the Storm》 is a film about domestic violence that aims to explore and shed light on the social issue of domestic violence. The film revolves around Xu Min, a professional woman played by Tong Liya, who appears to have a successful career and a harmonious family, but in reality suffers from domestic violence at the hands of her husband Chen Jun. Xu Min’s husband, Chen Jun, appears to be a mild-mannered university teacher, but in reality he has a serious tendency towards domestic violence. Through Xu Min’s story, the film shows the hidden and deceptive nature of domestic violence, as well as the helplessness and plight of the victims when facing domestic violence.

The starting point and intention of the film is excellent, as it tries to explore the issue of domestic violence from multiple angles and strives to show the details of real domestic violence cases in the film. The filming team of the film has collected and researched several real cases of domestic violence in depth to enhance the authenticity and depth of the film. In the end credits of the film, victims of domestic violence are also interviewed about their real situations and accounts, enabling the audience to understand and focus on the issue in greater depth.

However, there are some problems with the film’s storytelling ability. Firstly, the main story of the film is out of control, giving a sense of abstraction and making it difficult to really get into. Secondly, the arrangement of the female lawyer’s persona and the story line is not connected enough to the overall story, making parts of the film’s plot seem confusing. In addition, the climactic point of the film is not prominent enough, giving the film a rather generic feel overall. Overall, 《The Woman in the Storm》 is a very brave and meaningful choice of subject matter, but its storytelling skills do leave something to be desired.

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