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Zodiac Killer 1991 Film Review: Political straying and poignant memories

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Film Name:極道追蹤 / Zodiac Killer

Such a drifting transience is all about the grief and wailing of walking on the soil of a foreign land. The impulsive and impatient hero Ben comes to Japan to study, but skips classes in fear, preferring to become a gangster rather than think about the trivialities and delusions of grandeur. He hangs out in a bar with his friends and classmates Zhang Zhi and Ming Zai, hoping to make a name for himself in a different way. Zhang Zhi has been searching for his displaced girlfriend Wei Da Hao, and Ming Chai has done everything he can to become the brother-in-law of Ishikawa of the gangster Sakurakumonkai, for whom life and survival is just a heretical match that is not accepted by the mainstream discourse. Ben falls in love with the most beautiful woman in the bar, Tie Lan. In an instant, Ben thinks his life has a quietness and warmth other than Ben’s breakthrough.

However, Iron Lan likes Asano, this mysterious man gave her the promise and hope hope, but his own precarious, the boss was killed, and even more chased by people who can not give Iron Lan the security of life. The tracking, the exercise of good bones can not get rid of the social authority of the poison, the flowers bloom to confluence, but can not get the fragrance of plum blossoms, he handed over to Tielan a tape about gangster matters because of the excessive bleeding and died.

Meimei and Tielan come to Japan from Jiangsu. Meimei cries out to Tielan after being blocked by a man, “I’m not like you, you’re pretty and can go out and make money, I have nothing, I only have this man!” She hangs herself and is found by Tielan, but it is the man who was killed by Mai who is lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom.

The polymathic and energetic Ben seems to have a good time every day, until he spills out the pain in his heart after drinking and complaining about his mother’s nagging: “In China before, only my mother liked me, everyone else hated me because I didn’t like to study. But I just don’t like to read. I did everything an adult can do before I became an adult, and those top students dare not? They wouldn’t dare!

In Ben’s dormitory, Tie Lan and a charming mother-san replaced clothes and headdress, long to get rid of the gang’s tracking, she and the gang agreed to white roses as bait, while the tape will be handed over to the gang, the result of the sadness and indignation of the hearts of the people is that, she was gangster fell into the railway and died, familiar with the dynasty of the love for the sunny days, and Ben’s love since then, also no end.

Ming Chai saves Ben, who is himself a gyroscope and a puppet. It is only in the face of the world of deception that their friendship becomes precious. Ming couldn’t understand Ben’s selfless love for Tie Lan, but only knew that power doesn’t play with people like little chess pieces. However, Ming Chai’s betrayal gives him back his life – he is crushed by a car and killed, and the so-called brother-in-law of the chairman of the Sakura Gate Association is unable to save him from the glamour and chaos of the world.

Before Ming Chai dies, he and Ben see a filming crew in the midst of a chaotic gangland war, with all kinds of turmoil ensuing, and they see a shivering, beautiful girl, who turns out to be the girlfriend that Zhang Zhi has been tracking.

The film is shadowy, scathing, multi-clued and unrelenting in its narrative. She longs for the radio of her childhood, but also complicates the swollen narrative and simple banter, and Zhang Zhi’s destiny is the same as at the beginning of the film, as he never gives up on his desire to find his girlfriend. And as lonely as Ben, he shrinks to a shadow point fleeing from a ship at sea, his pure heart unable to put aside the burden of a soul in such a chaotic situation. The object of the trail is precisely the Chinese who are like floating leaves, their destiny and their unspeakable expectations of their respective values may only be buried in the cold and bleak sadness of the harshness of the bleakness.

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