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An Autumn’s Tale 1987 Film Review:A brief, but sincere, charming dream

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Film Name:秋天的童話 / 流氓大亨 / An Autumn’s Tale

《An Autumn’s Tale》 is a much-loved film that has impressed audiences with its soothing pace and touching love story.

The film tells a story about international student Li Qi’s growth and love in a foreign country. The interactions between Li Qi and her distant relatives as well as the boat head ruler in Chinatown show the importance of supporting and relying on each other in a foreign country. At the same time, the film highlights the value of kinship and friendship through the deep friendship between Li Qi and the boatman.

In terms of characterisation, 《An Autumn’s Tale》 portrays the distinctive personalities of Chow Yun-Fat, Cherie Chung, Chan Pak Keung and Wong Suk Yee. Chow Yun-Fat’s Fun Tau Sik is an ordinary man who works in Chinatown. Although his life is difficult, he is open-minded, kind and helpful. Cherie Chung’s Li Qi is strong, independent and courageous, winning the hearts of the audience. Chan Pak Keung’s boyfriend character shows a weak and indecisive side, highlighting Li Qi’s independence and strength. Wong Suk Yee, on the other hand, appears as a sensible and caring figure, adding a touch of affection and warmth to this romantic film.

The film not only analyses the value and significance of love, friendship and affection, but also reflects the state of life and psychology of some international students overseas. Through Li Qi’s experience, the film shows the audience a real life of studying abroad, so that the audience can empathise with it.

On the whole, 《An Autumn’s Tale》 is a film full of emotional depth and social relevance, and the excellent performances of its actors and the director’s sincere handling of the film make it a classic romantic film.

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