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Black Iron Submarine 2023 Film Review:”The words and actions of a small child can change a person’s life”

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Film Name: 名侦探柯南:黑铁的鱼影 / Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine


As a fan of Conan’s ashes, I have to be objective. After watching 《Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine》, I was deeply impressed by the truth revealed in it, that is, the words and actions of a small child may also change a person’s life.

In this film, Conan, with his wisdom and courage, not only succeeds in solving one tricky case after another, but also influences everyone around him with his actions. His courage makes Ran stronger, his love makes Ai Haibara find herself, his wisdom makes Dr Agasa more confident, and his sense of justice makes Officer Megure more determined. They were all changed by the words and actions of a small child, and that small child was Detective Conan.

I often reflect that each of us may become the “Conan” in other people’s lives, and our words and deeds may have a far-reaching influence on others. We should learn to value our influence and use our words and actions to influence others for the better.


At the same time, the film also tells us that no matter what difficulties we face, we should not give up easily. Just like Conan, even though his body became smaller, his wisdom and courage never diminished. He tells us with his actions that as long as we have determination and courage, we will be able to overcome difficulties.

Said at the end::

Overall, 《Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine》 is a film full of positive energy, which shows the brightness and bravery of humanity from the perspective of a small child. It makes us understand that a small child’s words and actions can change a person’s life. This is a film worth watching for all of us, because it not only brings us laughter and surprises, but also lets us learn a lot of truths about life.

I would like to say, let us all become the “Conan” in our lives, just like what Ai Haibara said in the theatre, to influence others with our words and deeds, so that the world will become a better place because of our existence.

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