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Sound of Freedom 2023 Film Review: Heroic stories of rescuing abducted children

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Film Name: 自由之声 / Sound of Freedom

《Sound of Freedom》 is a film based on a realist theme that delves into the black chain of interest of child and adolescent trafficking around the world. The film has no virtual cosmic wars, no fictional heroes’ statues, and no happy endings of punishing the evil and promoting the good; it faces the tens of millions of crime statistics and the inexorable reality every year head-on.

The film shows the process of rescuing trafficked children through the story of federal agent Tim Ballard . After rescuing the abducted boy from the car, Tim Ballard discovers that his sister has also been abducted, he sets up a scheme to save more than fifty abducted children and decides to go deeper into the tiger’s den, disguising himself as a doctor and risking his life to rescue a young boy who may be at a drug trafficking organisation. The film focuses on the issue of human trafficking, but it also looks at the other side of the child trafficking coin – sex crimes. Where the children go after they are abducted is an island for the high and mighty to commit sex crimes, and the issue of paedophilia and sexual abuse of children is exposed in full in this film.

Although the film shows the fact of sexual crimes, it is very restrained in the selection of footage and the use of audiovisual language, not cruelly presenting the footage of sexual persecution of children, but letting people feel the despair and pain of being abducted and trafficked, as well as the lingering physical injuries and psychological shadows engraved in the hearts of children in the process of watching the film.

The original purpose of cinema was to use images as a means to increase the joy of life for the general public, but as time progressed and filming techniques matured, outstanding filmmakers began to have a new understanding of this technology. They use this form of entertainment, which can integrate various art disciplines, to tell deeper stories, elaborate deeper thoughts, and complete more diversified social thinking in the midst of laughing and cursing, so as to achieve the higher artistic value of deafening and influencing the world.

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