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The Equalizer 3 2023 Film Review: Continuing the exciting story and tense excitement

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Film Name: 伸冤人3 / The Equalizer 3

《The Equalizer 3》 is a heart-pounding crime thriller, and as the third film in the series, it continues the exciting story and tense atmosphere of the first two films. However, compared to the previous two films, this film has some shortcomings in terms of plot development and characterisation.

Firstly, the plot development of this film is relatively bland. In the first two films, the audience was full of expectations for the determination and intelligence of the protagonist in delivering justice, while the third film did not bring new surprises to the audience. Although there are still a lot of exciting deductive and puzzle-solving moments in the film, the overall lack of unpredictable plot twists makes the film a bit tedious to watch. In addition, the ending of this film also seems overly simplistic and fails to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Secondly, the characterisation of the film is also problematic. Although the performances of the main actors are still excellent, their character traits have not been fully developed and deepened. Especially the villainous characters, their appearances and developments seem too abrupt and lack sufficient motivation and plausibility. This makes it difficult for the audience to develop sympathy and understanding for them, thus weakening the film’s emotional impact.

However, despite these shortcomings, The Equalizer 3 is still a film worth watching. It has beautiful graphics and beautiful music, and creates a tense and exciting atmosphere for the audience. In addition, some of the film’s classic lines and scenes remain memorable, showcasing the talent and heart of the director and actors.

Overall, The Equalizer 3 lacks in plot development and characterisation, but it is still a wonderful crime thriller. For those who love this kind of genre, this film is definitely not to be missed. And for fans of the first two films, this film is a classic worth watching again.

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