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V/H/S/85 2023 Film Review: A journey of terror

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ilm Name: 致命录像带85 / V/H/S/85

《V/H/S/85》: A Horror Journey in Realistic PerspectiveSince the release of the first V/H/S film in 2012, the franchise has been attracting horror movie-loving audiences with its chilling and gory style. Although this type of film is not suitable for everyone, the overall rating is still moderate, reaching over 6 out of 10. This series of films features a first-perspective filming technique, recording a series of deaths by means of a character holding a camera, which is quite innovative.

V/H/S/85 was released on the US network and could not be released domestically due to the sheer scale of its gore. This also means that we can enjoy the original horror gore film. However, it should be re-emphasised that this film is not suitable for children, especially the second story, where the level of gore and brutality as well as the scale restrictions are at a restricted level, so please be careful when watching. The film consists of five stories, and I will introduce two of them: the story of the young people camping and the story of the TV station earthquake.

In the story of the young people camping, a group of young people drive to an off-the-beaten-path lake to camp. One of the young men was keen on photography, so he shot a lot of content. However, the group of young people were too daring and actually decided to go swimming in the lake. Just as the group was having fun, they were shot at and the scene was clearly recorded by the camera. Several people were shot dead one after the other, and the brutality of the murders of the few people who were in the boat was horrifying. Some suffered a blow to the head, some had their faces smashed, some were shot through the chest, and some even had their fingers shot off.

Soon after, however, a bizarre scenario arose in which four of the young men actually stood up, believing that they had been resurrected as zombies, despite the fact that some had had their faces rotted, some had had their heads exploded, and some had been shot through the chest. They have a long discussion about this and come to the conclusion that only those who have been in the water can come back to life, otherwise they are truly dead. However, this resurrection inevitably brings pain, so several of the men confer and decide to find the person who shot them and return the favour. Another story is about a television station recording the morning news in a building.

The news was supposed to be considered live, but all of a sudden the building began to shake. The staff advised the presenter to leave as soon as possible, but the presenter, out of dedication, thought that the shaking was just a short-lived phenomenon. As a result, in the next moment, a piece of the floorboards fell down and directly took the presenter’s life. Shortly after, the earthquake stopped and the rescue team came to the scene to rescue, they were surprised to find that the cameraman was actually still alive. The group then rescued the cameraman and tried to leave, but during the escape, an aftershock occurred, killing the rescue leader.

The door to the ground floor was blocked, so they could only continue to go down and eventually came to the basement. However, they found a door closed tightly and lost their way. Then, they heard human voices coming from underground, and as a rescue team, they decided to keep going, hoping to save more people. However, a bizarre scene appeared, and they unexpectedly came to an underground space similar to a cemetery with totems and sculptures, which existed before Columbus arrived in America.

A symbol resembling an evil spirit appeared, and the man furthest inside of it suddenly went mad and took out a crowbar and plunged it into his stomach, calling it a gift of sacrifice to the Demon King. The next act is even crazier, the female rescuers eventually fall into madness and take off their clothes to sacrifice themselves to the demon king, and the photographer has his chest cut open by the female rescuers and sacrifices his heart to the demon king. The whole scene is so bloody and cruel that it is unbearable. These are only two of the stories, as for the development of the other stories and whether there is a connection between them, only the audience can find the answer by watching it themselves.

V/H/S/85 presents viewers with a horror journey from a realistic perspective. By shooting from the first point of view, the audience feels as if they are there and experiencing the horrific events first hand. Although the violence and gore in the film is chilling, it is this realistic presentation that gives the viewer an unparalleled viewing experience. It is worth mentioning that this film series is not suitable for everyone, especially those who are sensitive to gory scenes. However, for those who enjoy horror films, V/H/S/85 offers an exciting horror ride that is definitely not to be missed.

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