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The Better Life 2023 Film Review: double success at the box office and by word of mouth

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Film Name: 穷兄富弟 / The Better Life

《The Better Life》 is a film that blends elements of emotion, comedy and tragedy to tell the story of two protagonists who meet by fate and go from misunderstanding to supporting each other. The film shows the bond between brothers, the true meaning of life and the goodness of human nature through its subtle portrayal of emotions.

The main drawback of the film is that it is overly melodramatic, causing the plot to seem incoherent in some places. For example, Li Zhiyuan is portrayed as a rich young man in the film, but in reality his behaviour is more like the reaction of an ordinary person when facing life’s challenges. In addition, some plots and characterisations in the film are logically flawed, such as the fact that Li Zhiyuan, as a heart patient, is still able to engage in vigorous activities.

Xiao Shenyang’s performance in the film is one of the highlights, as he manages to portray a vivid, three-dimensional character with his unique acting style. His performance has both comedic elements and emotional depth, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

Although the film is flawed in some aspects, it succeeds in touching the audience’s emotions and making them feel the beauty of life and the goodness in human nature. The film conveys the richness of life and the strength to persevere by showing the bond between brothers, friendship and love in life.

Overall, “The Better Life” is a film worth watching, which not only makes people think deeply, but also brings them hope and confidence. The emotional expression and the wonderful performances of the actors in the film are its biggest highlights, and despite the flaws in the handling of certain plot points, it is an overall successful work.

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