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Trolls 3 2023 Film Review: The sights and sounds are outstanding

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Film Name: 魔发精灵3 / Trolls 3

《Trolls 3》 is an animated film to be released by DreamWorks in 2023. As the third instalment of the 《Trolls》 series, this film carries the continuation of the first two and the expectation of bringing more joy and surprises to the audience. From the production to the music, from the character design to the set decoration, this film undoubtedly demonstrates DreamWorks’ excellent production standard in many aspects. However, despite the rich visual and auditory enjoyment it brings to the audience, its lack of story depth and characterisation is somewhat regrettable.

First of all, the music in the film is undoubtedly the biggest highlight. The rich musical elements and unique sense of rhythm make people feel as if they are in a musical feast. The music in the film not only has cheerful melodies, but also deep lyricism, whether it is the feeling of the Backstreet Boys or the lightness of Holiday Island, all of them intoxicate people. The perfect combination of music and images makes the film a richer viewing experience.

However, despite the excellent music, the film’s story is a bit thin. Compared to the grand themes of the previous two films, which range from love to the world, this film is significantly smaller. The main story line seems to exist for the sake of existing, and the villain’s motives and actions seem untenable and a little embarrassing. The adventures of the protagonists also seem a bit bland and do not leave a lasting impression.

In addition, the character designs in the film are a bit disappointing. Although colourful and unique, the main characters look a bit ugly. Especially the male protagonist, who was quite cute as a child, but looks so killer when he grows up that it’s hard to accept. The same goes for the characters of several older men, whose images are shameful. Such character design will undoubtedly make the audience feel a bit out of place while enjoying the film.

Overall, 《Trolls 3》 is a visually and aurally excellent animated film, but it falls a little short in terms of story depth and characterisation. Perhaps to cater for a younger audience, the film does a great job with the design and music, but the plot and characterisation seems a little simplified and rough. It is hoped that in future productions, DreamWorks will focus more on the depth of the story and characters, and bring the audience more touching and thought-provoking.

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