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The Victims Film Review:The distance between love and evil

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Chinese Film Name:Hang Que Zai Hou; English Film Name: The Victims,You Are My Everything,Myna Bird

Love and evil are two complex and intertwined extremes of human nature, and the distance between them is sometimes so far that people feel unreachable, and sometimes so close that people find it difficult to distinguish.

《The Victims!》 is a crime film about love and evil, in which several protagonists flounder in their destinies, committing evil in the name of love, playing the dual roles of victim and perpetrator.

The three cases run in parallel, bringing out three families, all evil, but with sound psychological motives. Each character is a living, breathing character, and each character is given a clear motive and background that is both repulsive and sympathetic.

Xu Gang, Guan Xiuying, and Xiao Yazhen represent three families whose stories are intertwined to show all the blind sacrifices parents can make for their children.

Xu Gang is a drug addict, but it is not the drugs that make him commit crimes, but the livelihood of his family. In order to subsidise his family and give his wife and daughter a better life, he resolutely accepts the task of killing.

Guan Xiuying is an amorous woman of the world, but it is not love that makes her commit crimes, but affection. Indulging in the world of lights and wine, she ends up in the whirlpool of extortion in order to save her abused children.

Compared with Xu Gang and Guan Xiuying, Xiao Yazhen gives people a much better impression, the appearance of weak, harmless, a good wife and mother, but she committed an unforgivable crime.

Love, is one of the best human emotions, it warms people’s hearts, gives people strength and courage, especially the mother’s love, can be called great, so that people are willing to pay, willing to give.

However, love is not always able to expel the shadow of evil, when people can give everything for love, even including their own moral bottom line, love will be incarnated into evil, so that people into endless pain and suffering.

《The Victims!》 focuses on individual destiny and family affection, showing the subtle boundary and distance between love and evil with a tight plot rhythm and strong emotional impact.

The film’s characterisation is full-bodied and three-dimensional, with great depth. Each character’s actions have their own rational psychological motives, and even the blatantly evil ones have a soft side and a complex heart behind them.

Each of the three families has its own predicament, but what’s the same is that “each of them is trying to protect the people they want to protect”, even to the extreme of self-sacrifice.

The film’s entire cast is on-line, with Tao Hong, Huang Jue, Feng Shaofeng and a host of other actors having a highly infectious energy, portraying a story full of suspense and complex emotions.

Tao Hong, in particular, gives an impressive performance in the film, showing great explosiveness in her rivalry with the other actors, playing the character’s inner struggles and emotional conflicts vividly and distinctly.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the soundtrack of the film is used quite well, connecting the inner world of the characters with the plot of the film, allowing people to feel the sincere emotions in the ups and downs of the story.

Hope and despair, determination and confusion, reluctance and remorse, breakdown and shouting, the excellent soundtrack and the excellent images merge into one, complementing each other and touching the audience’s innermost softest places.

Parental love is selfless, but excessive sacrifice does not necessarily bring happiness, and often leads to greater tragedy in the end. Those choices made in extreme states may be sympathetic, but they are even more detestable.

Doing evil in the name of love is not only a moral corruption, but also a serious damage to the human social order. The film conveys precious realism: “Don’t let love break through the jurisprudence, don’t let growth lose the bottom line.

In the name of love, we are not allowed to do whatever we want. The film hits us with a heavy ending, making us realise that although a mother’s love is great, it also needs to be carried out under the framework of morality and law.

Overall, 《The Victims!》 is an impressive hardcore crime film that presents a gripping crime mystery with its rich storyline, three-dimensional characters and unexpected reversals.

Each character shows a different level of human nature, whether it’s blackmail or murder and extortion, no one is a winner in the end.

The film not only brings tension and excitement to the audience, but also serves as a profound reflection on the conflict between affection and legal justice in the real society, making it an emotional crime masterpiece that is definitely worth watching.

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