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Godzilla vs. Kong 2 Film Review: This is what a monster film should be

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Chinese Film Name:ge si la da zhan jin gang 2; English Film Name: Godzilla vs. Kong 2,Godzilla vs Kong: The New Empire

As monster films go, 《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》 has four main features.


First,there are few human scenes.

In 《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》, apart from fitting King Kong with a false tooth and a robotic arm, and Gia awakening Mothra, the main role left for the humans is to narrate, introduce the plot and be funny.

Even the overall plot is driven by one monster, King Kong, and the humans are just spectators.

In this film, King Kong is much smarter and knows to seek help from humans for a toothache. After being seriously injured, he knows to seek shelter from humans. After realising that it can’t fight against King Scar, it also knows to go to Godzilla for cooperation. What’s even better is that King Kong can already set traps, which who would have thought.

After watching King Kong’s performance, I just want to say that it’s different when monsters know how to use their brains.


Second, the plot is tight and doesn’t drag

《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》 has a tight plot that begins by introducing King Kong as a pack animal, which leads into a story of King Kong searching for his kind in the underground world.


It was also because of King Kong’s incessant searching, which allowed it to discover its kind enslaved by the Scar King, which led to the battle between King Kong and the Scar King.

In the battle between King Kong and King Scar, King Kong almost lost his life, so through his senses, King Kong hid in the human world underground, which allowed King Scar to discover the passageway leading to the human world underground. Then came the battle where King Kong and Godzilla teamed up against King Scar and Snow Demon.

The story line of the whole film is particularly complete, interlocking and cleverly echoed back and forth. The key thing is that this film doesn’t have anything like saving humanity; monsters are monsters and fight when they say they will. What are humans? It’s just background.


Thirdly, there are a lot of monsters.

As a monster film, 《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》 is not only Godzilla and King Kong.

From the beginning of the film, King Kong tangles with a bunch of monsters that look like wolves but aren’t wolves. Later on, there are screaming lizards, flying dragons, King Kong, snow devils and many other monsters.


Even King Kong and Godzilla aren’t the same as they used to be, with King Kong having robotic arms and Godzilla evolving into his Barbie Pink form.

For monster fans, the monsters in 《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》 are designed to their hearts.


Fourth, the special effects are good and the fight scenes are exciting.

I especially like the scene at the end of the film where King Kong and Godzilla charge together towards King Scar and the Snow Devil.



Especially seeing the scene when King Kong jumps up on Godzilla and fights King Scar, it feels like a hot mess.

The fact that you can feel this way watching a monster film can only mean that the special effects are realistic and looking real gives you a sense of immersion.

Overall, the film 《Godzilla vs King Kong 2》 is still well worth watching.

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