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Viva La Vida Film Review: The aftermath of the viewing is difficult!

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Chinese Film Name:wo men yi qi yao tai yang; English Film Name: Viva La Vida

After watching the film 《Viva La Vida》, the only feeling I got was “It’s good to be alive”.

Ling Min is a patient with severe uremia who is stuck in the hospital four days a week for treatment.

In order to control her condition, Ling Min has to follow a strict diet every day, even urinating is recorded in a measuring cup, and she has to endure 270 needle marks from dialysis. She had to endure 270 needle holes from dialysis. Her only goal was to “live”, and she didn’t want to die early because of her illness.

In order to find a suitable kidney source, Ling Min had to “recruit” in the group of patients, and she hoped to find someone who was willing to marry her and donate a kidney to her, and she would take the responsibility of taking care of her family after the other person passed away.

But when the video was sent out, Ling Min regretted it and felt that her action seemed impulsive and selfish. She hurriedly withdrew the video, but she did not expect a person who claimed to be looking for marriage to donate a kidney to add her WeChat.

Ling Min wanted to explain to the other person over the phone that she didn’t want to get married, but the other person asked for a meeting and set a code word.

So, Ling Min and Lu Tu met, and their destiny began from then on.

Ling Min’s first impression of Lu Tu is that he is stupid and dull, and his words and behaviour are different from normal people. Ling Min tries to refuse to get to know Lu Tu further with her words and actions.

However, Lu Tu seriously examines Ling Min, who wants to get married and needs a kidney transplant, and creates an “examination form” to rate her.

Lu Tu’s appearance reveals all sorts of witticisms. He is willing to donate his kidney to Ling Min because he himself is a terminally ill patient, and as his brain tumour is at risk of recurring, he doesn’t want to burden his mother any further, so he chooses to give up the treatment.

He hopes that after he passes away, someone can take care of his mother.

As for the eventual love between Lu Tu and Ling Min, I think it may be because Lu Tu saw Ling Min’s inner “desire to live”, or because Ling Min’s appearance changed his life. As they get to know each other, they realise that love exists between them, which is a two-way street. They used to survive for the sake of their families, but later on, they did it for each other.

Besides love, the film also stresses that everyone has the right to have love. What makes Lu Tu choose surgery again at the end of the film is Ling Min’s support, and what makes Ling Min stop giving up her search for a kidney source is also because of Lu Tu’s companionship.

The love and healing in the film is not straightforward, but seeps into the human heart inadvertently, making people suddenly come to their senses, and even making them feel that death is not scary.

The love between Ling Min and Lu Tu does not lie in gorgeous words, but in the trust, tacit understanding and sense of security between each other. Their love may not need gorgeous words, but it makes people feel sincere and warm.

Overall, the film 《Viva La Vida》 is a recommended film that not only has the power to heal, but also shows the beauty of love. Peng Yuchang and Li Gengxi are also very good in the film, giving three-dimensional charm to their roles.

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