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Kung Fu Panda 4 Film Review: The panda remains the same, no kung fu, just mediocrity.

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Chinese Film Name:gong fu xiong mao 4; English Film Name: Kung Fu Panda 4

《Kung Fu Panda 4》 has a rather clichéd plot, but as a popcorn movie, it’s still a good watch. The film is light and humorous, with lots of funny moments, and the fights are smooth, especially the melee in the cliffside bar; the set modelling is also good, with the city of Stingray feeling like a combination of East and West, and the whole thing is a bit like the castles in the Lord of the Rings series, and the town of Long Lake under the Lonely Mountain, with its Chinese-style streets. Although the core of the idea is lacking, back to the family and friendship, and “dare to change” this kind of shallow truth, but just punch this fight and special effects, or can be online to see, the theatre is not recommended to go.

The fourth film in the Kung Fu Panda series, the story revolves around Po, who has left the Valley of Peace and is now travelling throughout ancient China, where he will gradually find ways to defeat his enemies with the help of a group of fun-loving critters. The Phantom Demon Queen is a chameleon who has the ability to turn into her opponents. Therefore, what Po faces this time is not only the enemies he has previously defeated, but even himself…

The film’s story picks one of the cheesiest and mediocre patterns, with Po taking a successor into the city to catch a murderer, however this fox is really boring and doesn’t really spark with Po. Po’s status as a mentor also restricts his personality, and the two of them are not nearly as interesting as the two dads in the scene. The villain is also a faceless character, and the climactic showdown that should have been expected doesn’t have the heart of the previous three films, where Po was overpowered and saved the day. Of course, there is no shortage of laughs and little witticisms, but the overall pace is too fast, the scenes are all familiar, and the characters are all like following a script that lacks a soul. Plus, with the absence of the Five Heroes, it feels as if the creators didn’t figure out what the audience likes to see.

Although the overall quality of the film is already pretty good for a recent animated film, it has to be said that it is indeed the worst of the Kung Fu Panda series. The entire film, except for the soundtrack, is devoid of sincerity on every level! The story at a glance to the head, no new ideas, set a set, only the old bottle, no new wine, action scenes also lack of point of view, delivered a few juggling action scenes, can only be regarded as a point to the end, not to mention any of the role of the role of the shape of the plot urged to hurry up and wrap up, everything is just go a perfunctory over the scene.

The film offers an interesting formulation with a clichéd and predictable text: “When the villain’s values are more in line with the current thinking of “earthly sobriety”, the protagonist, who represents justice, is in an existential crisis.” The efficient 90-minute narrative is obviously not enough to provide more room for expansion, but as a work aimed at entertaining and educating young people, it at least ensures the value of the edifying attribute, defending the good intentions of the old school but also respecting the self-protection mechanisms generated by resistance to the external environment, which are ultimately integrated by the new generation of teenagers.

The film is sort of a sequel to a low-budget, formulaic, assembly-line film that laughs in places, but leaves no particularly memorable scenes after watching it. In particular, the villains from the previous films are brought in to take turns adding to the drama, and some of the lines and scenes are forced to echo their predecessors, but it feels like the Dragon Warrior has been hard-wired in order to find a successor to the Dragon Warrior, and walks away with a wave of the sentimentality that was built up in the previous films. The villain portrayal in this one also doesn’t stand out, and even his own greatest ability is stealing the martial arts skills of the previous villains versus mimicking others, so the final duel scene is rather muddled as well.

It’s been eight years since the release of the previous film, only the panda remains the same, no kung fu in sight, just mediocrity. The director of the previous film dropped out, the production budget was cut drastically, and the Furious Five were collectively absent. The design of the Happy Rabbit Tavern and the City of Stabber is quite interesting. The master and disciple characters of the Fox Xiaozhen and the Phantom Queen have shades of the Jade Jiao Long and the Fox in 《Crouching Tiger》. The climactic passage where the villain of the previous film reappears and acts as an experience pack for the Phantom Queen and a backdrop for Po’s highlight moments, dropping the pussy and ruining his persona. As Deng said, the third film in the 《Kung Fu Panda》 series would have been enough to complete the trilogy, but this film is a bit of a bust.

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