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Dokjeon 2 2023 Film Review: Unnecessary sequels

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Film Name: 毒战2 / Dokjeon 2

《Dokjeon 2》 is a highly anticipated Korean action-crime film that continues the impact and tension of the first film while introducing new characters and a more exciting plot. The film’s central story revolves around detective Jo Won-ho as he tracks down the mysterious leader of a drug organisation, Mr Lee, and the missing Seo Yong-rak.

In 《Dokjeon 2》, Jo Jin-woong’s acting is once again praised, as he not only has to deal with the cunning Mr Lee, but also has to face off with his new character ‘Big Dagger’. Han Hyo joo trained hard for the role and changed his physical condition to show his strong fighting skills. Cha Seung-won was promoted to a main role in the film, and his special appearance in the first film was very impressive. Oh Seung-hoon took over the role of Seo Yong-rak played by Ryu Jun-yeol and showed excellent acting skills.

In addition to his individual acting skills, Jo Jin Woong’s performance in the film was also highly regarded. He successfully portrayed his character in the first film, and in 《Dokjeon 2》, his performance is more mature and deeper. For example, in one scene, he literally inhaled white flour, a performance that had the audience in a cold sweat for him.

There are also plans for a prequel 《Dokjeon 0》 series of episodes for the film to further enrich the worldview of 《Dokjeon》 and give fans a deeper insight into the character’s background and story line.

Overall, 《Dokjeon 2》 is seen as a film that combines a strong cast with an exciting plot, and the audience’s expectations are high. The film continues to explore the intricacies of human nature and social issues through an open ending and a new story line.

《Dokjeon》 itself is nothing special and in an attempt to make a twisted film, the story itself loses its way and becomes a convoluted film with an open ending. A rather mediocre and very unnecessary sequel to a rather mediocre film.

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