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Dancing Green 2023 Film Review: Deception and love are metaphors for each other

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Film Name: 鹦鹉杀 / Dancing Green / Tainted Love

Dancing Green is a film that explores the social phenomenon of “pig killing” from a woman’s perspective. By telling the story of a female victim, Zhou Ran, the film shows a desperate search for truth and justice. Zhou Ran was swindled out of 550,000 RMB in an online relationship, and then started a cat-and-mouse game with the swindler. The film not only focuses on the fraud case itself, but also delves into the psychological and emotional world of the female victim, presenting the complexity of emotions and the subtleties of human nature through the emotional pull between the male and female protagonists.

The film’s cast includes Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yu, whose performances in the film are particularly recognised by the audience. Zhou Dongyu has a versatile acting style and is able to handle different types of roles well, from Chen Nian in 《Better Days》 to Ansheng in 《Soulmate》 to Zhou Ran in 《Dancing Green》, each role shows her versatility. Zhang Yu, on the other hand, has impressed in several films with his unique acting skills and charisma. The chemistry and emotional game between the two actors in the film is one of the major attractions of the film.

Director Ma Yingxin showed restraint and finesse in dealing with this subject matter, not overly hunting for the unexpected, but through the combination of emotional and suspenseful elements, he brought the audience an unusual viewing experience. The success of the film lies not only in its profound analysis of social phenomena, but also in its deep insight into human nature.

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