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Young people pursue personality? “Human skin” phone case to satisfy you

The more advanced the society, the more mature the rules become. In the process of constant standardization, we seem to be more and more concerned with the expression of “personality.” For young people who are free and unrestrained, the pursuit of individuality has become the whole of life. When it comes to creative products with big brains, sometimes designers even sacrifice traditional aesthetic rules to challenge the psychological limits of users.


A research and development team from the French University of Telecommunications and Technology has ingeniously designed a mobile phone case with a realistic “skin”. They successfully created artificial skin and applied it to the surface of the phone case. It not only has the same feel as the real skin, but also can respond to the user’s touch, such as by scratching it. Itching or scratching it can interact as if it were real skin.


The reason why this skin is so realistic is that scientists have created a powerful “subcutaneous tissue” for it. It’s some thick silicone, with a thickness of 10 mm, and various sensor electrodes are carefully built in, so that it can sensitively sense external stimuli while ensuring the real touch.


Between the inner and outer artificial skin layers, a layer of stretchable copper wire is also designed to realize the perception of changes in external pressure, which is why it can respond differently to different touches. These reactions are all notified to you through the virtual character image of the computer or mobile phone screen. For example, if you pat it, it will determine that you are angry; pinch or pull it, it will determine that you are in a distracted state; if it tickles it, it will giggle on the screen.


In terms of inspiration, in fact, with the popularity of AI robot technology today, this is nothing more than an exploration and research on the skin of robots, but on the phone case, it adds some challenging colors that touch the user’s psychological bottom line. You know that interacting with a piece of “human skin” is actually a bit close to the horror scene.


It is said that the developers are still exploring this skin, and may consider adding texture changes to the skin, such as expressing disgust and depression through goose bumps or sweating. If so, wouldn’t it have become a walking “human skin”? Dear viewers, do you think that you are both curious and curious?


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