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Why is the phone model of the Forbidden City only iPhone?

Just like iPhone X, mobile phone case manufacturers have a mold that can be sold for 5 years at most, that is, a mobile phone case has been sold for 5 years and still people buy it. Not only someone buys it, even iPhone Xs users can buy it, which means this You can buy the Xs series mold for more than 6 years without worrying about the outdated bottom of the box. In fact, many mobile phone cases will stop production after about 3 years, and the remaining can just go through the next 1-2 years. This kind of maximizing cost reduction, do you do it for you? But look at the Android camp, Samsung and Huawei have two flagship series, Samsung has S, NOTE series, Huawei has P, MATE; 4 units a year, that is, to open 4 different molds, next year you have to change New molds, new molds in the coming year and new ones, every year, the annual output is not too high, the cost goes up, the benefits may not be maximized, businessmen are not philanthropists, they will not use love to generate electricity, They use money to generate electricity.



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