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Why does the phone case cover the back?

There are still borders on the market. This is the same model that I just found online and used before.

A few years ago, the shell that particularly liked the frame was a metal frame. After a few uses, it was abandoned, and there were many disadvantages. Impatient to fall, loosen with a slight fall, then the card is not tight, shakes, and can only be thrown away. Even if it does not fall, it will still be loose for a long time. If you want to use it, you can only change the shell. If it is easy to hurt the mobile phone when changing the cover, because it is a metal buckle, it is easy to be scratched. And it does not protect the phone frame well, so a thin layer is said to effectively protect the phone, presumably you will not believe it. The most important thing is that the metal frame also affects the signal. Sometimes the information ca n’t be sent and disassembled again and again. The heart is really rushing. ~ The plastic is easily deformed after a long time, and it can also grow a small circle, plastic. Pure borders are not good, and the experience is poor. Therefore, the market is more covering the back, just like wearing beautiful clothes for mobile phones. There are many types of patterns, many craftsmanship, wide choices, and more effective protection of mobile phone cases. Of course, there are 360 ​​all-inclusive mobile phone cases. The front case is with a touch screen. It has the same function as a glass film. It has already been sold on the market. It is not known in China. It is very popular abroad. You can go to the shopping website to see.


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