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Why are some people reluctant to buy a mobile phone case of 5,000 yuan, but they are not willing to buy a mobile phone case of 500 yuan?

Obviously, when buying a mobile phone case, in addition to examining the price of the phone case, we will also judge the performance and function of the phone case to see if this product has a “price-performance ratio.” In the field of economics, it has more professional terms. The former is called market price, and the latter is called commodity value. When the market price is lower than the value of the commodity, people will think that the commodity is good and cheap, and when the market price is high When it comes to the value of the product, we feel that it is not cost-effective. This also explains why most people are willing to spend 5,000 yuan for mobile phones instead of 500 yuan for mobile phone cases. Back in life, please think about it, what is the purpose of our mobile phone case? The first is to protect the mobile phone from screen cracks and body collisions; the second is to show its own aesthetics and personality, and at the same time, the price / performance ratio; and the third is to feel good about consumption. So, how to choose a mobile phone case for practical purposes? Here is the history of the development of mobile phone cases and the mainstream mobile phone case materials. After reading this question, you will know it. The mobile phone case was first known to originate from Big Brother. At that time, it was also called “mobile phone protective cover”. It was mainly paired with Big Brother and placed on the waist. In addition to protecting the mobile phone, it also made you look more magnificent. With face (money), it can be said that in addition to practicality, the mobile phone case of that era was a symbol of identity (local tyrant).

Later, with the development of the mobile phone industry and the progress of industrialization, mobile phone cases of various materials such as TPU, PP, and aramid fiber began to appear on the market. Their functions also protected the mobile phone from the beginning, and evolved into non-slip, beautiful, Diversification differences such as charging. TPU material TPU is a kind of mobile phone case material with a long history of development. Because of its long history of development and mature manufacturing process, the manufacturing cost is also relatively low among all mobile phone cases. It is characterized by strong wrapping properties, water resistance, oil resistance, and mildew resistance, which can effectively slow down the impact of mobile phone drops & drops. Many common transparent cases in life are made of TPU.


I don’t know if you still remember Taobao’s popular 9.9 transparent mobile phone case, most of which are made of TPU.

PC material

The Chinese name of PC—polycarbonate, is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Because of the toughness of PC plastic, it is widely used in toys and models. When we were young, the four-wheel drive car was a typical PC plastic material.


The most representative of PC mobile phone cases is the matte texture case, which requires repeated layers of coloring in the production. In the course of daily use, as long as you don’t use force to strike or take sharp objects such as a knife, the frosted texture of the phone’s protective case will not leave traces, which can play a good role in protecting the phone.


Silicone material The most common type of soft protective case is the “silicone” case. In fact, the silicone protective case has a deep doorway. Many of the silicone cellphone cases on Taobao are made of rubber. The cost of this pseudo-silicone is much lower than the actual silicone protective case, and the waste is recycled or not. Good miscellaneous rubber particles are made as raw materials, and they are easy to age in the air, and they are also harmful to the body for a long time. The real silicone mobile phone protective cover not only has a very comfortable feel, but also the first-class packaging and protection of mobile phones in the mobile phone shell industry, and also has dazzling performance in terms of anti-slip and anti-fall functions.


PP material PP material was first used to make mobile phone protective films, and then it was extended to the field of mobile phone cases. The mobile phone case made of PP material has a smooth appearance and a good appearance. The purchase price is relatively cheap, but the PP mobile phone case is easily deformed after a long time. At this time, the protection of the mobile phone will be greatly reduced. If the PP phone case is accidentally dropped to the ground after deformation, it may cause the small original parts inside the phone case to be shattered and cause irreversible damage to the phone.


Among the various protective cases, leather is very popular among professionals in the workplace. It is given more emotional meaning. In the early days when mobile phone holsters appeared, they were large and cumbersome, but with the upgrading of the manufacturing process, the shape of leather protective cases began to shrink, which also represented a special atmosphere of chic and elegant. The leather phone case does not wear the phone and has good heat dissipation, but the waterproof and antifouling performance is general, and the price range is wide. If you use a low-quality leather case, it may give a sense of cheapness.


Nylon material Nylon material was developed by American scientist Carothers and a research team under its leadership. It is the world’s first synthetic fiber. The characteristics of the nylon phone case are good abrasion resistance, fine texture, anti-stain, stain and scratch resistance, and strong wrapping of the phone. Because its unique texture is full of art, it has been favored by users in recent years, and is popular among mobile phone manufacturers. New mobile phone case.


Kevlar material Kevlar was originally named KEVLAR in English. It is derived from the brand name of the aramid fiber material newly developed by DuPont in the United States. Aramid fiber is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, which is widely used in aerospace and military fields. At present, many western-developed military body armors, bullet-proof helmets are made of aramid fiber material, which is light and thin, has high hardness, has a good skin-friendly texture, and has better heat dissipation effect and resistance to drop than other materials.


In addition to the material of the mobile phone case, you can start with the following two dimensions to choose a highly cost-effective mobile phone case:

1. Feel good is important

Many people only know that the mobile phone case can protect the mobile phone, but they ignore that the mobile phone case can also improve the use experience of the mobile phone. In addition to the basic elements of light texture and rounded corners as a reference for purchase, the touch of the phone case and the hand should also be the focus of consideration. Kailav’s textured phone case is loved by many users today because it allows Your skin feels comfortable like skin. The matte texture of the phone case will be better than the texture of the TPU and PC materials, and the grip feedback on the phone will be better.

2.If possible, choose the original mobile phone case as far as possible

When major manufacturers launch mobile phones, they will simultaneously launch corresponding mobile phone cases. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you choose the original phone case. The original phone case is tailored according to the detailed parameters of the phone. Yes, when attached to a mobile phone, the package is better, and the protection of the mobile phone will be better. Even if the mobile phone accidentally falls to the ground, it can prevent serious results such as broken screens.


Nowadays, the mobile phone case industry is developing rapidly. Many users like cute and good-looking phone cases. The captain needs to remind everyone that in addition to the style, color, and price of the phone, you should also consider whether the material of the phone case is healthy. Try to choose healthy materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the body, and will be more assured when used.



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Why are some people reluctant to buy a mobile phone case of 5,000 yuan, but they are not willing to buy a mobile phone case of 500 yuan?:Waiting for your first message!


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