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Which iPhone 11 and 11pro series are simple and beautiful phone cases?

I bought several iPhone 11 Pro Max mobile phone cases on Double Eleven, one of which is from my favorite gaming equipment brand: Razer, which is specially designed for players-Razer iPhone 11 Pro Max Ice Armor Professional THS Phone Case. Players who often play games will certainly be familiar with the various gaming equipment introduced by Razer, but Razer has also launched its own branded mobile phone case for the iPhone, which can be said to be very interesting.


The packaging design of this phone case is still Razer’s classic green and white design. The black technology of this phone case is introduced on the front: it is cool and durable, and it uses Razer ’s exclusive Thermaphene graphite thermal conductive middle layer to provide mobile phone heat dissipation Helps and protects against dust and dust. At the same time, this mobile phone case can withstand 3 meters of drop protection, comprehensive protection of the phone. The back of the package is the introduction of the characteristics of this phone case and the introduction of the black technology’s durable and cool material decomposition layer.


The mobile phone case is packaged with a magnetic flip window design, which can be flipped to see the internal physical appearance. This design is really good! It avoids some small partners from worrying about the appearance of the real thing.


There is a disposable sealing sticker on the bottom of the box. After opening, pull the box handle to pull. The contents of the package are very simple, just the phone case. For me who controls the box, Razer’s product box will naturally not be discarded and collected.


You can see that there are many holes in the lower part of the phone case, which is designed to improve the internal heat dissipation, especially when the mobile phone is playing games, the heat is really great! Avoid heating and frequency reduction, so heat dissipation is very necessary. The hole is made into a gradient design. Visual observation reveals that the light green under the hole is very beautiful.



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