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When buying a mobile phone case, you must know the type and difference of the phone case

Mobile phone protective cases can be divided into: plastic, TPU, silicone, leather case, crystal case, clear water case, mesh case, environmental protection PC case, metal case and wooden case.

Traditional processing technology: The most commonly used technologies in the market are injection molding, spraying, printing, inkjet, laser carving, IML, leather, holster, diamond setting, oxidation etching, laser, etc. .

Silicone case

Silicone material is a very popular material at present, with a soft texture and good slip resistance. It also has the characteristics of oil resistance and high temperature resistance. The silicone material itself is environmentally friendly, healthy, and tasteless. Protective function.

PC material case

The PC material is a comprehensive and excellent hard case, which feels more comfortable and has good heat dissipation and resistance to falling. The thin and light PC case is colorful and can provide comfortable touch and stylish visual enjoyment.

Glass case

The mobile phone case made of glass has a bright and colorful pattern. It is durable and easy to fade. The appearance is stylish and beautiful. The glass material has a certain degree of wear resistance and scratch resistance.

Metal case

At present, the metal mobile phone cases on the market are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This type of mobile phone case has high resistance to deformation and fracture, so it has ideal protection performance. However, the mobile phone case made of metal is thick and poorly portable, which causes some interference to the signal.

crystal case

The crystal case is favored by women. It is made of plexiglass. The appearance is thick and sturdy, and the case is crystal clear. Not only can it effectively protect the mobile phone, but it does not greatly affect the appearance. It can be said to be as long as the silicone case and leather case.

Recommendations for purchase: The silicone material is soft and non-slip, and the glass material is abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant. These two materials have certain advantages in terms of appearance and protection. PC materials and performance in daily use are poor, while metal Too heavy, I personally do not recommend it!



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