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What phone case is better for iphone 11?

It seems that many people think that 20 yuan is expensive, and only can say that there are a few hairs, a few a few, a few hundred, or a few hundred. If you think that a two or three shells are used, you are happy. , Then you use 呗, there is no need to be superior in my show, “Yeah Lord, you bought expensive, look at my shell for 5 yuan two, your 20 one, we are still the same paragraph”, everyone, Is it really unnecessary to make such a statement? Don’t I know there is such a cheap shell? If you are willing to find, there are shells of a few cents, there is no need to show superiority in the comment area. What is the quality of two or three shells? It is also said that the shell of 20 pieces is an “insulting IQ series”, I can QNMD, there are always people who like to measure others’ things by their own standards. See this unfriendly comment one by one.


I like this pure and unpretentious mobile phone case, which is not the same as those glamorous cheap goods outside. It protects the mobile phone without hiding the original color, and there is a kind of hazy beauty.


The matte feel is particularly good, and the phone case is also very thin, without significantly increasing the thickness and weight of the phone.


The hole position of the mobile phone case is also very accurate.



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