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What is the material of the iPhone case?

Many people use mobile phone cases to protect their mobile phones, but we know that there are various materials and varieties of Apple mobile phone cases on the market, so many consumers choose I do n’t know how to get started. I will introduce to you the material of the Apple phone case and the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the phone case.

First of all, we need to know that the Apple mobile phone cases that are currently on the market are divided into the following materials. The main materials are plastic cases, silicone cases, TPU cases, iron cases, and mixed materials.

1.Plastic shell

This material can be said to be the most widely used shell on the market at present, and it is generally the shell of PC main materials. If those are better, some TPS and other raw materials will be added. Generally speaking, good plastic shells have good toughness. In Asia, Japan ranks first in raw materials, Taiwan second, and mainland China last.

Plastic shells can be divided into two types: polished shells and frosted shells. Generally, the frosted shells will have an ultra-thin three-dimensional feel. The polished shells are relatively thicker than the frosted shells because of the paint baking process.


2.Silicone shell

Silicone shell can be said that its raw materials are very important, because the price of good silica gel and poor silica gel is still quite different. Generally speaking, like those silicone products exported abroad, especially Japan and other countries with strict inspection, these products are relatively It is also more environmentally friendly. If some of them are of poor quality, their taste will be heavier.

3.Silicone sleeve

Advantages: This material has good protection, resistance to falling, and feels better. The key is easy to handle and not easy to wear.

Disadvantages: It is thicker than other products, and does not have strong heat dissipation. It is recommended not to use this material in summer, and it is easy to stain.

Supplement: Silicone is generally cleaned with alcohol.


4.TPU shell

A type of plastic material that can repeatedly soften or change under certain heat, this is called soft plastic. This kind of raw material is cheap, so this kind of material is also used as a shell by many manufacturers.

TPU shell

Advantages: good protection, anti-fall, good feel, easy to take, not easy to wear.

Disadvantages: A bit thick, not strong in heat dissipation, and not strong in personality. At the same time, it can not be made into some personalized patterns, so the color is monotonous and mainly solid.

5.Iron shell

The iron shell mentioned here is a general statement, generally stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. are the main production materials.

Iron shell

Advantages: The appearance looks more texture, personality, anti-fall, not easy to wear, not easy to dirty, and easy to clean.

Disadvantages: easy to scratch the machine, heavy quality, not easy to disassemble

6.Material mixed into shell

This type of shell is usually made of plastic and silicone, or metal and silicone. Silicone is generally used as a liner. Apple’s original mobile phone case is generally made of plastic and silicone products.


Summary: I will introduce the relevant content about the material of the Apple mobile phone case and the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the phone case. The above introduces the mobile phone case of various materials. You can choose according to your preference. Different points, I hope to help you.


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