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What gifts are better for my girlfriend in Christmas 2019?

It’s christmas time soon

Still thinking hard

Different from the atmosphere of joy and reunion in the western New Year

What Christmas means to us

A little more romantic

Especially for couples

It must be another unforgettable “Valentine’s Day” ~

Today, let’s talk about what better gifts for girlfriends in Christmas 2019?

1. Cat and Mouse Apple Couple Phone Case


Christmas show love might as well start with a couple phone case! Super suitable for cats and mice as mobile phone cases for lovers. And this intimate design of the phone holder function, high value and practical! Send the picture to the circle of friends and make this Gai’s brightest baby!

2.Christmas socks gift box


Christmas socks are indispensable for Christmas. Who does n’t want to receive Santa ’s gifts the next day ~ Coral fleece is colorful and thick, and the height of the tube socks can well cover the ankles that are easy to be cooled. Moderate elasticity allows socks to run without falling off or pinching your feet, keeping your feet warm in minutes!

3. Donabella Raw Chocolate Gift Box


This Christmas gift box is a feast for sight and taste for the coincidence enthusiast! Combine the four flavors of raw chocolate: mellow cocoa flavor, scented matcha flavor, sweet and sour strawberry flavor, and mellow milk flavor!


Dona Bella’s fine craftsmanship guarantees the rich taste and delicate smoothness of the coincidence, and guarantees that the coincidence enthusiast will have enough fun at once!

4.barrio lambskin perfume gift box


Not only can she smell women, but women can also show off their perfect self through fragrance. Balio’s Lambskin Perfume is specially made for Chinese people. The scent has a distinctive style. The 10ml capacity is easy to carry out. The long-lasting scent time is 8 hours. The six fragrance options are suitable for different personalities and occasions. Get the right one for her!

5.Vinyl retro record player mini speaker


Ringke’s retro vinyl Bluetooth audio retro design has a sense of fried chicken, color matching is simple and beautiful. The professional large-diameter voice coil of the atomic player has better sound quality and can support multiple functions such as Bluetooth, card and audio cable. Turn the swing arm control switch, the vinyl will rotate when you sing, just like it really is! For the value and value for money, Zhenxiang warns ~

6. Whale Christmas Countdown Calendar Castle Chocolate Gift Box


The most interesting thing about the chocolate gift box inspired by Alice in Wonderland is that it has a countdown calendar design. Opening one of the cells every day will bring different surprises. Each of the 17 small cells contains different words to heal your heart. The chocolate is made from cocoa beans imported from Ecuador.

7.OliviaBurton star with the same bee


It adopts the brand logo bee element and 3D relief design, which is also the same as Song Zuer, Shen Yue and Tan Songyun. A girl in London has a hand. If you haven’t bought an OB watch, the most recommended one is 3D bee.

The bee means “the messenger of love”. It is the most suitable gift for girlfriend and represents sweet love. It is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts!


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