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We picked these big-name mobile phone cases for you (Super cost-effective!)

Dolce & Gabbana

Remember the scene when Dolce & Gabbana 2016 spring and summer series conference, the long-legged girls raised their hands and played selfies on the runway?

It ’s really far worse than our mortals like us, but can we have a mobile phone case like a fairy? Does it feel like they are close to meow again?


Girls who like all shiny items should not miss Dolce & Gabbana’s mobile phone case, what local gold, rhinestones, pearls, anyway, can make your mobile phone “unusual” out of the ordinary elements, Dolce & Gabbana puts it in the mobile phone case for you On.


In addition to the blingbling phone case, Dolce & Gabbana also has a furry and cute leather case, as well as a mother series. It is also a good choice to give to your mother as a gift ~


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s lip print case is a great tool for taking pictures. It can be small enough to block a block casually. It is very natural for concave shape.

At the same time, the mobile phone case of this lip print series also comes out of a metal material style. I have to say that there are no women in the world who really understand women’s hearts, and I will give you what I like, if I do n’t buy it, I think loss.


Stella McCartney’s other popular mobile phone case: ring phone case.

The gospel of the slippery party, more importantly, buying a mobile phone case is equivalent to harvesting four large rings. Mom never has to worry about my slippery ~



Talking about big-name mobile phone cases, how can you forget Chanel, Chanel’s perfume bottle mobile phone case, which has become popular in recent years, and its alleys are all in the streets, so I will not go into details, you all know!


With the constant change of Lafayette, of course, it is impossible to end the history of his mobile phone case with a perfume bottle. After Chanel, a lot of beautiful and expensive mobile phone cases came out.

The hottest thing in street shooting before is this nail polish phone case, right? The color is so large that the patients with choice phobia faint directly on the ground.


Anndra Neen

As an accessory design brand that loves building structures and metal textures, Anndra Neen’s mobile phone case can be described as a “celebrity” in a mobile phone case.


The concept is also very heart-warming: “the cellphone cage”. It’s like the iPhone is a canary that flies away. Such a beautiful shackle, don’t want to escape at all?



Among them, it is naturally the largest household of Moschino. From McDonald’s fries to bears, to Barbie mirrors, celebrities, ladies and fashion bloggers are using it. It is difficult to not hit the shell.


At this point of the mobile phone case, there are really only things you can’t think of. No Moschino can’t design them. That’s why everyone loves it ~



After that, it’s funny and changeable, let’s have a fresh and artistic one. The fresh flowers and plants on the Sonix phone case are relaxing at a glance, and they are as visually comfortable and comfortable as beautiful illustrations.

Kylie Jenner, the younger sister of gold, recently put a Sonix red-lip phone case on the ins. The ladies are using it, so you should buy it now ~


Sonix has all kinds of small fresh series. Sister O has selected some for everyone today ~

Animal series



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