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Unlimited development, spring phone case

Everyone has a mobile phone. How can I protect my hard-earned money and buy my beloved mobile phone? ? ?

The answer is: spring phone case! !! !!

In order to protect the smart phone from falling freely, most users will install protective cases and screen protectors just in case, but … even if the strong protection is inevitable or it will explode, what should we do?

Philip Frenzel, a student at Aalen University in Germany, has developed 8 security spring protection cases. As long as the mobile phone is placed in the protection case, the spring will land first no matter how it is dropped, so that the mobile phone can be protected!

When not in use, the appearance of this mobile phone case looks exactly like a normal mobile phone case, except that it uses a two-layer design. The mobile phone case is relatively thick, so it will add a little weight to the user.


In particular, it is like an airbag for a mobile phone, but the difference is that instead of using an inflatable air cushion to protect the phone, it uses a built-in sensor and eight hook-shaped safety springs, and uses Active Damping technology (abbreviated: AD ), When the phone case detects that the phone is falling freely, the spring will automatically pop up, providing a buffer before touching the ground to give the phone an extra layer of protection, and don’t let the phone easily break.


It’s just … A little trouble is that when the phone landed safely, we must manually retract the spring into the protective case. According to foreign reports, this “AD Case” designed by Philip Frenzel not only won the The German Society for Mechatronics Award from the Institute of Mechatronics Engineering, but also applied for registration of a patent, but it is not yet certain when this particular mobile phone case will be on the market.

Although it is said that the AD Case phone case will make the phone safer when it is dropped straight, it is not foolproof. If it is on uneven ground, rocks, or when the fall height is too low or too high, it may still cause the phone to It ’s damaged, so do n’t think that with the AD Case case, it wo n’t matter how the phone is dropped.

If you guys are not as good-minded as I am, or have hand injuries! !! Should buy a stack of this! !! If my phone is broken, I should go crazy


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