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Turas phone case, the best choice for summer

In common sense, what should a good phone case look like? May be measured from these aspects.

1. Protect the camera. The iPhone 6’s protruding camera is almost obsessive with obsessive-compulsive disorder … Therefore, the back of a good protective case should be a little thicker than the camera. At least when you put the phone on the table, the camera cannot directly contact the table.

2. Shock resistance. A good mobile phone case must also have a certain degree of shock resistance, which requires that the mobile phone case be soft and hard, with moderate elasticity, which can absorb a part of the kinetic energy during the impact to protect the phone.

3. Protect the screen. As long as the protective cover can achieve a certain distance above the screen, that is, the screen will not contact the desktop when the screen of the phone is lowered, so even if the screen falls down, at least the screen will not The earth is in close contact.

4. Easy loading and unloading. This is the shell you can easily put on or take off without using brute force. A lot of ten-dollar cottage hard shells on the street need to press the phone with a little force, so it is easy for the shell to leave scratches on the phone. mark.

5. Overall resistance to deformation. Do not become crooked after several uses.

Maybe everyone uses mobile phone cases more and more or less, so how to choose a mobile phone case in summer when it is hot and sweaty and feels sticky all day? I belong to a group with a lot of hand sweat. When using a mobile phone in summer, when the ambient temperature is high, the mobile phone itself will also heat up, and I often play with my palms. Finally, I chose a mobile phone case that is truly suitable for summer use-Tulas silicone matte phone case. As far as the above indicators are concerned, from the perspective of my personal experience, this shell is completely satisfied. I want to focus on why I say it is a great companion for mobile phones in the summer.

First of all, the colors are diverse, fresh and lively, more in line with the refreshing and bright breath of summer. You can look at the colors of people’s clothes on the streets in summer, red orange yellow green blue blue purple, which is simply colorful and colorful, and in winter, it is often gray and black and other colors. Every season life feels different, and the objects used are naturally different. Especially girls, I sincerely recommend that you look at this phone case, I believe it will be attracted by its diverse colors.


Secondly, what I want to focus on (the hand sweat party needs to look at) is the anti-sweat feature of the Tulas silicone matte phone case. One word: great! All this is due to the credit of its material-matte silicone.

I do n’t know if you do n’t know about this kind of material. I do n’t know too much about some technical terms and parameters. I just talk about the personal experience during this time.


The first is delicate. This delicate feeling may only be known by touch, and the description of words is not intuitive enough. I can only describe it roughly. When you hold it, it is like holding a handful of slightly moist fine sand. It has a moderate hardness and is softer than a hard shell and slightly stronger than a pure soft shell. Gentle fit with palm skin, cool and smooth.


Then lightness. Why emphasize lightness? I would like to ask, who likes to use heavy and bulky things in summer? Even clothes are eager to be thinner and lighter. Therefore, the mobile phone case should naturally be lighter, and fitting on the phone will not add much weight, and it will be more free to play. Specifically, its thickness is only 7.5MM, just like a veiled coat on a mobile phone.


The last is its sweat-proof performance. In addition to the light, soft, and delicate skin, the matte silicone material has a great advantage in that it does not easily heat up, unlike many hard shells, it will become hot when used. This case is still cool every time I use it. In the hot summer, I can feel the coolness from the palm of my hand from time to time when playing mobile phones. It is really comfortable. Since this time, I rarely have to worry about sweating on the palm of my mobile phone. I really like it!


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